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Three Examples of Why You Must Follow the Four Laws of Gun Safety

3 Examples of Why You Must Follow the 4 Laws of Gun Safety

Despite the fact that accidental shootings have reached an all-time low, recently there has been a string of accidents from the people we should least expect a negligent discharge: Firearms instructors. One instructor in Michigan may face charges after accidentally shooting a man during a CPL class. The instructor unholstered his gun during a demonstration,…

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How To Prevent A Negligent Discharge

How To Prevent A Negligent Discharge

If there is a universal sign of a person that isn't observing proper gun safety, it's a negligent discharge. However, since firearms are generally such simple machines it seems that any negligent discharges should be easily avoided with just a bit of care. They can be. Why Do Negligent Discharges Happen? The reason accidental discharges, negligent…

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Women Drops Purse, Gun Goes Off, Grazes 2 Year Old

Woman Drops Purse, Gun Goes Off, Grazes 2 Year Old

[PSA] Women may not have as many carry options as men do but PLEASE, do not carry a loaded firearm in your purse without a proper holster. In Jackson, MS, a woman and her daughter were in Merit Heath Central Medical Center yesterday morning when she dropped her purse and the loaded firearm inside her…

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Anti-Gun Sheriff Negligently Discharges Weapon, Shoots Himself

Anti-Gun Sheriff Negligently Discharges Weapon, Shoots Himself

On December 16th at roughly 11:30 in the evening, Sheriff Mike Johnstone of Des Moines County, Iowa, injured himself while attempting to clean a loaded handgun. Sheriff Johnstone was taken to a local emergency room initially, and later transferred to another facility for treatment by a surgeon specializing in hand injuries.  Johnstone's injuries were not…

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The ABC's of Gun Cleaning

The ABC’s of Gun Cleaning

About a month ago I had a very good friend of mine have a negligent discharge of his firearm just as he was preparing to clean it. He shot himself. Thankfully his injury was only a flesh wound in the palm of his hand. After making sure he was alright and after poking fun at…

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An Almost Deadly Mistake

An Almost Deadly Mistake

I want to share with you an email from a gentleman named Roger. I got Roger’s permission to share this and I think it’s important for every gun owner to read. Here’s what Roger sent me… Jason, After 56 years, I thought I understood the 4 rules about safe use of a firearm: 1) Always…

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