Why I’m the World’s Best Husband

Why I’m the World’s Best Husband
Why I’m the World’s Best Husband
Why I’m the World’s Best Husband
Why I’m the World’s Best Husband

Today, you’re going to see why I’m pretty much the world’s best husband. You see, for a long time now my wife’s gun has been a revolver. However, for the past several months she’s been using my Glock 19 and I’ve been using my 1911 or my snub-nosed revolver when she did so.

Well, the other day she finally decided that she needed her own Glock 19 instead of taking mine. And even though she has shot many different guns, we decided that it would be a good idea to go to the range and have her test out a bunch of different guns just to double-check that she indeed wanted her semi-automatic to be a Glock.

So, we headed over to the range and started renting several guns.

My wife is a good shot and my guidance consisted of switching out gun rentals as she would tell me: “I don’t like the grip on this one” or “too much recoil.”

Other than switching out the guns when she asked for a new one, I didn’t say a thing. I didn’t try and influence or bother her, I just sat back as she tried out gun after gun after gun. Finally, she decided the Glock 19 was still the gun for her and the one she likes best.

And that’s when I re-confirmed my status as the world’s best husband because I selflessly gave her my gun and went out and bought a brand new Glock 19 for myself. After all, I wanted to give her a gun that I know works, and not take the chance of giving her a gun that’s untested.

Now my wife and I both carry the same gun. I have already heard a few jokes about how I carry the same gun as her and that’s alright with me because she made the decision on her own and what I care about most is that she has a gun she is comfortable with.

Also, back to my new gun for a second…

In all seriousness, I have not started carrying my new gun yet because I haven’t been to the range to shoot it. Although it is a Glock and it should be the most reliable gun on the planet, it’s still a man-made device, which can have problems.

So please do not start carrying a new gun until you’ve put a few hundred rounds through it and you’re sure there is nothing wrong with it. And if you want to be selfless like me and get a new gun, why don’t you give your wife a chance to shoot your gun this weekend? You never know, she might just fall in love with it like mine did.