Wyoming Concealed Weapons Law Hits Streets Friday

Wyoming Concealed Weapons Law Hits Streets Friday
Wyoming Concealed Weapons Law Hits Streets Friday

Starting Friday, Wyoming will join three other states in allowing individuals to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

Anyone who meets the same requirements to obtain a Wyoming concealed weapons permit can legally carry a firearm in any place that is not specifically prohibited.

The change comes in the wake of the last legislative session, in which the bill passed the House in a 49-9 vote.

“It’s a real responsibility, and potentially taking someone’s life can’t be taken lightly,” Greg Malatesta said after attending the Cheyenne Police Department’s informational class about the law change Tuesday night. “It’s good to see that a lot of people did show up and that they had so many that they needed a second class.”

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This article is wrong. Only Wyoming residents who meet all the requirements for firearm ownership can carry concealed. Visitors to the state still have to either openly carry or have a permit that Wyoming honors.

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Isaac Addison

I just wish florida would adopt the open carry law =)

Alvin Palmer

It is legal
to open carry in Louisiana. The two problems are:

1] Many LEOs
do not know this.

2] Who wants
the ‘bad guy’ to recognize you as an ‘opponent’ BEFORE you recognize him?  

[…] Wyoming Concealed Weapons Law Hits Streets Friday 5 07 2011 Wyoming Concealed Weapons Law Hits Streets Friday. […]


Sounds like Wyoming copied Az


way to go wyoming, they trust their citizens…..


“If you can avoid shooting someone, do it. If they run away, let them go,” he said. “If you are justified in shooting, your intent in using deadly force should be to stop the attack. You’re intent is not to kill.”

This is the dumbest statement I’ve ever heard. Every law enforcement person I have sought guidance, in a self defense situation you aim center mass. This of course means one thing… If you draw you weapon it’s for one purpose, to defend you self and taking a life is a reality of this. You don’t carry to scare off, maim or create a presence. Carrying is a big resposability and should not be taken lightly.


i like ur statement!!


called WY as soon as i read this. CONFIRMED ACTUAL! NO PERMIT REQUIRED!

(GOOD Idea to have State ID or DL on you) 
Aint this something!


According to a phone call to the STATE POLICE in WY(and I told them I was a Illinois resident) When you are in WY you follow WY laws. WY law state you may carry concealed WiTHOUT PERMIT. I asked several times about being out of state and got the same answer that I did not need a permit. OUT STANDING!