Your Tax Dollars were Used to Purchase Guns and Run Them into Mexico

Your Tax Dollars were Used to Purchase Guns and Run Them into Mexico
Your Tax Dollars were Used to Purchase Guns and Run Them into Mexico

Well, the other shoe has dropped. We’ve known for several months that the Obama Administration was turning a blind eye to — and even encouraged — suspected gun smugglers who were purchasing firearms from gun stores in the southwest.

But now we know the rest of the story: Your tax money was used to buy many of those guns that were later sent to Mexico.

That’s what Fox News has been reporting this week, as it remains the one large news agency that has continued to cover the growing Fast and Furious scandal that was being run by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive (ATF).

Fast and Furious was a program that was born in 2009, allegedly to help track gun smugglers back to the Mexican drug cartels. But the reality is that few, if any, of these top-level leaders have been busted, while the smuggled guns have been funneled into the hands of drug gangs all along the border, resulting in hundreds of deaths (and the murders of two U.S. law-enforcement agents).

And, not only were your hard-earned dollars being used to purchase these guns, the main person being investigated for gun smuggling “was actually an FBI informant and former drug dealer who had been deported years ago,” Fox News reported.

According to sources inside the Justice Department, the ATF spent millions of dollars tracking a chief gun smuggler — known as “Mr. Big” — before discovering that he was in fact on the feds’ payroll (funded, again, by your tax dollars).

But why? That’s the recurring question. Why would the Obama Administration — that is filled with anti-gun cronies — knowingly approve the sales of firearms to bad guys? Why would they knowingly put thousands of guns “into the wrong hands,” when they’ve spent years advocating gun control laws to supposedly get guns “out of the wrong hands.”

Given that the ATF refused to work with Mexican authorities (when it came to tracking these guns) and frequently lost track of the firearms after they moved south of the border, it does not seem that bringing down drug kingpins was the real goal of Fast and Furious.

The better explanation is that the Obama Administration was using the influx of guns into Mexico — and the resulting violence — to clamor for increased gun controls here at home.

As stated by an article this April, “The Obama Administration, according to ATF agents who blew the whistle on the illegal plot, intended to use statistics concerning U.S. guns in Mexico to call for more stringent gun control.”

That is outrageous, and it means that the top cop at the Justice Department, Attorney General Eric Holder, needs to go. Fast and Furious occurred under his watch. And we know that information about departmental corruption went right up to his office suite. Holder was either deeply involved or grossly negligent about this horrendous scandal that has left hundreds of people dead. Holder must resign.

ACTION: Please contact your Senators and urge them to call for Eric Holder’s resignation. And don’t forget to circulate this alert to your family and friends.

Source: Gun Owners of America


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We knew Holder was dirty, hell we know all of Obama’s cronies are dirty. Its just most of them have been doing these illegal acts for so long they know how to cover they tracks….or they blame someone else. 


Glad my tax money is going towards something good huh? NOT!!!! Glade the laws are getting harder for the honest citizens to uphold the 2nd Amendments, but we provided weapons to the bad guys that got used on our owe people. Dang!!!! =( Do we not see were this is wrong????? Come on !!!!!! GRRRRRR

pastor t

This is just another proof of just how sick osama..I mean obama and his machine is!   He would gladly kill Americans to promote his sick agenda.  Nothing is more important to this man and his administration than their America destroying and freedom grabbing agenda!   America better wake up and take a stand against him or we can kiss the ” land of the free” goodbye!


Throw Holder in prison…that’s where he belongs…for violating the laws of the US as well as his oath of office.


I recently read that History is a rapidly declining subject in public schools. Some would say it is planned? “Those that do not know History are Doomed to repeat it”. The children are doomed to repeat the horrifically deadly failures of National Socialism (NAtionalZI).

Of course the environmentalists agree with this agenda because it reduces the population on Earth. With so many people now encouraged to willingly commit National suicide, It seems that some would eventually awake from their media induced comma?

The AP fed mainstream media always votes solid Party line Liberal Left, so no help there. Fox is attacked for not following the AP program of indoctrination. The Rupert Murdoch fiasco may mean the demonization of Fox, leading to it’s Kow-Tow over to established Party agenda Leftist AP feed. ‘News’ (reported) will then become unanimous.

Nothing left but the underground…the internet. FCC newly Executive mandated Power, along with UN manifesto, will signal a guaranteed death of Freedom, This remarkable experiment could easily fall into the history books,…. along with this generation.

 Leaving Israel (it’s people the providers of our world class technology) alone, to stand against it’s attackers, is so written. Just view the latest stages of the USA in it’s seperation death throes, as only fullfilling prophecy. The ticking clock has always been on a sliding scale and can be set back, IF enough Citizens are concerned….. and angered.
‘Subjects’   have No such Luxury. Pray that the US Citizens will Never vote (as in the 2008 election) to allow themselves to become….. Subjects.