Wisconsin Concealed-carry Law May Prompt New Ordinances

Wisconsin Concealed-carry Law May Prompt New Ordinances
Wisconsin Concealed-carry Law May Prompt New Ordinances

Customers carrying hidden guns will be welcome in Paul Tittl’s store.

“I’m going to put up a sign saying, ‘Concealed Carry Permit Holders Welcome Here,'” said Tittl, owner of the Vacuum & Sewing Center on Washington Street.

Tittl also is the chairman of the Manitowoc County Board. With Gov. Scott Walker signing concealed carry legislation into law Friday, Tittl and other civic officials have about four months to figure out the legislation’s implications.

Wisconsin is joining 48 other states in allowing concealed carry in some manner, with Illinois the lone exception.

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John Steele

Does the Wisconsin law preempt  local ordinances? Here in Florida we had state preemption for decades and cities and counties still passed local ordinances restricting where guns could be carried. This session the legislature finally put some teeth into the preemption statute and applied a civil penalty for any local ordinances that interfere with state laws. The revised statute makes commissioners, etc. PERSONALLY responsible for fines if they step on state firearms laws — they cannot pass the fine on to the taxpayers!


I don’t beleive Wisconsin has Preemption. The cities and municipalities have to abide by state law. We have it here in Illinois. If we ever get CCW here you can bet that Chicago and surrounding suburbs will come up with restrictions as they have done in the past


As a former resident of Illinois as a child, the Right to carry a firearm was not infringed. My father was a commisioned State Game Warden and carried concealed most of his life. Many associates and family members did so as well. Exactly when did Illinois become so anti-gun, was it a gradual media promoted process? Just truely curious. Thank you

I moved to, and have lived in NM for most of my life. The ownership of firearms is taken almost for granted, due to our Mexican border. We were the victims of a few ‘events’ where unarmed innocent victims were slaughtered en-mass (Hollywood Video and Las Cruces bowling lanes massacre). Our historical, Territory Open Carry law, was then expanded. Certified CCW/CHL is common place now. Approx 70,000 in this low population state at this time, maybe more by now.


now watch the legislation’s implications will be strict as heck. i hope not though


Wisconsin does have preemption for firearms (66.040).