10 Father’s Day Presents for Gun Lovers

10 Father's Day Presents for Gun Lovers
10 Father's Day Presents for Gun Lovers

True gun lovers often prefer gun fire to car engines and rounds of ammunition to rounds of golf. Father’s Day (June 16th for those of you that didn’t know) is quickly approaching and while you may not know what to purchase for your dad this year, you are certain you want to add to this hobby. If your father boasts about his reloading skills over family get-togethers, writes off each 3-gun load-out as a “home defense expense,” has been known to convert a stroller into a range caddy or seriously attempted to name you Wesson, Remington, Beretta or Wyatt, consider buying him something for Father’s Day that he will truly enjoy.

So Much More Than Guns

Before you purchase a firearm-related gift for your dad for Father’s Day, take a look at his current collection of guns and equipment. If your dad is beginning to resemble Rambo with more guns that he knows what to do with, perhaps you should shy away from purchasing him yet another one for Father’s Day. Instead, consider other options in the same genre such as accessories or training days to enhance his gun experience. From memberships and training courses to equipment and bags, here are 10 gun related Father’s Day presents that are sure to blow his socks off:

1. NRA Membership

If your dad does not already belong to the National Rifle Association, consider purchasing a membership for him instead. Members receive a cap, their choice of monthly NRA magazines, a membership card and decal, insurance for the owner and his guns, and special invitations to dinners and other events. You can choose from three memberships: regular, junior, or endowment, patron and benefactor ranging from one-year to lifelong terms. Click here to purchase a gift membership.

2. Holster

What good is carrying a gun if you don’t have a holster to conceal it? Rather than letting him stick it in his sock or some other obscure location, choose a holster for him that is comfortable and hides the firearm completely. Consider purchasing one or two concealment training lessons as well so that he can learn to properly conceal his weapon and draw from concealment. Don’t worry, however, if you catch him practicing “draw” in the mirror once you give him his gift; this is a natural phenomenon occurring in many new holster owners.

3. Firearms Training

Purchase firearms training to ensure that he learns the correct techniques from a qualified instructor and can defend himself, or others, properly. While books, magazines and videos are indeed helpful, there is nothing like learning the mechanics of shooting a pistol firsthand and developing his skills under the watchful eye of a trained professional. You can search our Firearm Instructor Directory for an instructor near you.

4. Lasers

Laser sights have a secure place in the world of guns and personal defense as they help to increase confidence and accuracy when shooting a pistol. Generally speaking, handguns are compact and may be difficult to aim, and some may find it even harder to shoot accurately when in tense situations. Even if your dad has weeks of vigilant training under his belt, panic and confusion can set in quickly, especially in threatening scenarios. Consider buying him a laser to provide an instant and overwhelming advantage whenever he uses his gun. Lasers are also a very helpful training tool as well. Click here to shop for gun lasers.

5. Ammunition

Ammunition is always a great gift for the gun-carrying dad. Let’s be honest: enthusiastic gun owners can never have too much ammunition. While you may want to buy him regular ammo if he is serious about home defense or hunting, consider purchasing some training ammo as well. Standard ammunition is great for those already comfortable with handguns, but if you are looking for an inexpensive way to help your dad become used to the recoil and to practice and sharpen his shooting skills, training ammunition is your best bet.

6. Electronic Hearing Protection

Did you know that gunfire is the most hazardous non-occupational noise to which we are exposed? While there is always a chance that you will be raising your voice anyway at your dad as he gets older, to reduce the chance of hearing loss from shooting guns and be able to talk with him while at the range, get him a set of electronic earmuffs.  These hearing protectors reduce hazardous impulse noises from firearms to harmless levels within milliseconds and come equipped with microphones, volume control, receivers and amplifiers allowing you to hear each other while talking. Click here to shop for electronic hearing protection.

7. Day at the Range

If you are trying to decide between spending time with your dad on Father’s Day and buying him a gift, why not do both? Take him out for the day at the firing range and pay for the cost yourself including gas and ammunition. Remember that you may be responsible for your own targets and you may be required to staple them yourself, so factor in these costs as well. Set aside the whole day for firing at the range and take him out to lunch afterwards to discuss what was learned during the course of your shooting. Many dads will be grateful not only to practice their skills free of charge but also for the opportunity to spend quality time with their offspring while doing so. You can find a gun range near you in our gun range directory.

8. Gun Cleaning Kits

Many new gun owners thrive on the adrenaline of shooting a gun but tremble at the thought of taking one apart to clean it, afraid they will never be able to put it back together. Fortunately, however, you can purchase a gun cleaning kit to aid in the tedious process. These kits typically include cloth cleaning patches, a bottle of gun oil, a bottle of liquid powder solvent, a bore brush, two tips to hold patches and an aluminum cleaning rod of appropriate diameter for the caliber you need, so make sure you know the size of the gun before you purchase. Click here to shop for gun cleaning kits.

9. Gun Cases

Although it may seem like your dad eats, sleeps and breathes guns, believe it or not, he does put them down from time to time. Consider purchasing a hard case to help him protect his investments. Hard cases often come large enough to hold one or more pistols and feature secure and lockable latches, providing extra protection against damage, theft and accidental use by children or other adults. Many have compartments for magazines, ammunition and clips, while others can be used for safe airline travel. Click here to shop for gun cases.

10. Concealed Carry Bags

While a bag may not seem all that “manly,” a concealed carry bag is often a great gift for dads who are always on the go. Yes, some men can pull off the “fanny pack” look successfully, but concealed carry bags offer a little more of an attractive appeal. Not only do these accessories allow you to completely hide your weapons, tactical gear and magazine pouches, but many of them also have room for electronics, water bottles and cellular phones. If you choose to purchase a concealed carry bag for your dad, however, make sure you are aware of the size of his pistol; bags come in a variety of dimensions, and you want to avoid buying one that is too small, risking an “open carry” scenario where someone could easily see the pistol sticking out of the bag. Click here to shop for concealed carry bags.

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Agree with most of the above except the holster. Buying a holster is
like giving someone a tailored suit, if you want the right fit the
person wearing it really needs to be the one trying it on.There is an
old saying that once you get your cwp you start collecting holsters!
Even when buying one yourself , once wearing it sometimes you realize it
really isn’t something you are comfortable with.I know I have a 4
drawer file cabinet filled with holsters and only use about a dozen or
so of them. I think a better option would be a gift certificate so the
user can decide on their own holster!

Amber Collier

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Jimmie Jacked

I’m a BIG guy and disabbled and I need a holster does ANYONE make one that is not made for a 8 or 9 year-old boy???????


I don’t know of any holster made for 8 year olds so I’m not sure what your looking for. Try the Crossbreed website.

Don Juwann

I’d be happy if I could buy some ammo without mortgaging my home,I mean ya can’t even buy 22 LRs?Guess if they can’t take our guns then they’ll eliminate ammo,problem solved