The New FBI Qualification Course

The New FBI Qualification Course

Every government agency likes to think they’re the best. So whether or not you’re a fan of the FBI, there is one thing the Bureau is good at… and that’s keeping statistics on shootings.

Over the years, the FBI has documented and studied thousands of shootings, and in January of this year the FBI changed its qualification course based on the feedback of these shootings.

In short, the old course involved shooting at far distances as much as 50 yards, but the new course focuses on close quarters shooting since the majority of gunfights occur at seven yards or less.

So if you’re looking for a good course of fire and want to see if you have what it takes to join the FBI, I’ve included the FBI’s new qualification course below:

  • Target used is the QIT-99
  • Course consists of a total of 60 rounds
  • Each round counts as one point
  • Any hits inside the target area count
  • You must draw from concealment for every string of shots
  • Passing score for Agents is 48 out of 60

Stage 1: 3 yard line

  • 3 rounds in 3 seconds using your strong hand only
  • 3 rounds in 3 seconds using your strong hand only
  • 3 rounds using strong hand only, switch hands, 3 rounds using support hand only all in 8 seconds

Total of 12 rounds for Stage 1

Stage 2: 5 yard line
[box type=note]From here on out, all shooting is done with two hands[/box]

  • 3 rounds in 3 seconds
  • 3 rounds in 3 seconds
  • 3 rounds in 3 seconds
  • 3 rounds in 3 seconds

Total of 12 rounds for Stage 2

Stage 3: 7 yard line

  • 4 rounds in 4 seconds
  • 4 rounds in 4 seconds
  • Have two magazines loaded with four rounds each. Fire four rounds, reload, fire another four rounds in 8 seconds.

Total of 16 rounds for Stage 3

Stage 4: 15 yard line

  • 3 rounds in 6 seconds
  • 3 rounds in 6 seconds
  • 4 rounds in 8 seconds

Total of 10 rounds for Stage 4

Stage 5: 25 yard line
[box type=note]This stage involves the use of a barricade/cover)[/box]

  • Move to cover and fire 2 rounds standing, then 3 rounds kneeling all in 15 seconds
  • Move to cover and fire 2 rounds standing, then 3 rounds kneeling all in 15 seconds

Total of 10 rounds for Stage 5

Later this week I plan to go to the shooting range and shoot this new qualification, and the next time you go to the range, consider giving it a try as well.

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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John Oscar

I think I could get out to stage 3. Non dominant hand needs a lot of work though, and I’m a bit rusty with the ammo shortage :/


I agree with the non-dom hand but the thing I first looked at was the round count– sad, actually.


FBI seems to be missing out on the DHS ammo buy…


For a Federal Agent that is a horrible qualification course. No shooting while moving with strong/weak hand? No shooting and clearing malfunctions with two hands and then strong hand only/weak hand only? No live fire shoot house exercises? No night shooting course? I could keep on going. This is ridiculous. THE premier law enforcement agency and THIS is the best they could come up with? I can only hope their agents pay for outside training to get up to speed.

And yes, I go through all of the above and much more and that’s just in one weekend and 1000 rounds. If I were the FBI I wouldn’t be proud of that course.


This is a “Jason FBI course.” Nothing this guy says is real. He will post a Mars Rover Astronaut course next week.


I’ve been an instructor of law-enforcement, civilians and military for more than 35 years. I can’t begin to count the problems I have with some of the “facts” Jason presents. For my money he does a disservice to those who don’t know better. And, yes, Jason, I’d say it to your face as well as saying it here. I don’t know if he just doesn’t think before he writes or if he just doesn’t know any better but I really wish he’d either do some research or just stop.


I don’t know of any military force or police force who use shoot house exercises and malfunction drills as part of their standard qualification course. Furthermore, I find it hard to believe that you have provided very much training to units if you don’t understand the difference between a qualification course, training drill, and exercise. I also don’t see how, if you did 35 years of training, without years of service as an operator, you have much of anything to teach other than reloading and malfunction drills.


That is exactly my point, they don’t require all the drills I mentioned. Then what do you wind up with, police officers and Federal Agents who have no ingrained experience to draw from. If you believe the old re-qualification courses of stopping and shooting and having no drills to clear malfunctions on an ongoing basis, moving while shooting and continuing courses in a shoot house are fine then I would point, as an example, the NYPD shooting where EIGHT civilians were wounded where officers were shooting at one lone subject. You’ve got to keep this training going not just in the initial phase but in re-certification as well.


I don’t know of any police department that DOESN’T teach malfunction drills. As for shoot houses, the smaller departments in some states may not have access them but virtually every State agency does and uses them, from the very high tech to just plywood structures.

Robert Willis

Amen……like I said above……been there done that….and then some!!!


Shoot and move scenarios and shoot houses are entirely separate from the quals. Strong and support hand shooting are separate from the quals. You shoot your qualification and then you do the other stuff like weapons handling skills.

kc cole

a ignorant layman such as yourself couldn’t be expected to understand the difference between qualifications and training. or the need for the distinctions. your not too bright man. you sound like a wanna be militia douchebag that plays army with his frineds on the weekends


No, just a retired cop who spent his entire career working midnight shift on the street and then moved on to more than 20 yrs doing executive protection. Yeah, my training was only the police academy and six years going through close quarters training including live fire shoot houses and vehicle assault. Also 35 yrs as certified instructor for three different States.

I realize that probably can’t compare to what you’ve been through and now that I’ve retired it’s too late for me to attempt to reach your standards.

Robert Willis

Been there and done that exact course of fire… No problem!


Amen. I believe I know you.

Robert Willis

Well….who are you?

Robert Willis……. Email me if you don’t want to post here

Adelbert Waldron

As someone who has trained and completed the Navy Seal Qualification course, known to any and all as M&Q, the post is malarky.

JASON STOP SELF_PROMOTING HERE! You are hurting more than helping and you will eventually cost someone their life. STOP ALREADY!

All mags loaded with 6 rounds

1.5 yard line (6 rounds of ammo total)
draw from holster 2 rds, 2 secs, bent elbow 3X’s emergency reload

3 yard line (6 rounds total)
draw from holster, 2 rds, 3 secs. 1X
from high ready 2 rds, 2 secs. 2X’s emergency reload

7 yard line – stage 1(12 rounds total)
draw from holster, fire 1 round, 3 secs. 5 times
draw from holster, fire 1 round, emergency reload, transfer pistol to weak hand only and fire 1 round all in 15 seconds. Then……

weak hand only, 1 rd, 3 secs.. 5 times, emergency reload

7 yard line (stage 2 )
draw from holster, fire 2 rounds center mass, 1 round to head in 6 seconds.

draw from holster, fire 2 rounds center mass, 1 round to head, emergency reload then re engage target with 2 rounds center mass, 1 to the head in 15 seconds.

Maintain the weapon in strong hand only, 3 rounds in 5 seconds, emergency reload.

15 yard line (12 rounds)

draw from holster, fire 3 rounds in 7 seconds from a right side standing barricade position then take a knee behind cover.
from kneeling, fire 3 rounds in 7 seconds. emergency reload.

Repeat above from left side barricade.

add 2 rounds to magazine that is in your weapon.

25 yard line ( 12 rounds )

draw from holster, fire 3 rounds in 10 seconds, right side standing barricade and stay aimed in.
from aimed position, fire 2 rounds in 5 seconds, stay aimed in.
from aimed position, fire 1 round in 3 seconds and perform a magazine EXCHANGE.

repeat from left side barricade standing position.

clear and make safe.

Our 60 round qual course done 4 times a year. I am right handed but I shoot the 15 and 25 left side volley barricade with my left hand.

300 points total score. passing is 255.


I have done this more than once, at my age I do pretty good, So I don’t think this is anything out standing for the FBI. But if it works thats what counts. Lately some of our law enforcement agencies dont seem to have any problems shooting someone 6-7 times, Lately anyway, So what does it matter!!!


and far too often someone that should NOT be getting shot in the first place…. like the gentleman in Texas, shot in his own backyard, no warning. Or how aboutStt. Guerena, in New Mexico, I think it was….. 70 rounds fired, 20 hit, range about 15 feet, no knowck warrant, had wrong address. Innocent man died, left widow and orphan son. Or NYC, murder loose on street, armed, cops corner him, they DO manager to kill him.. but hit/injure nine innocent bystanders.

I don’t care how good their marksmanship might be.. I care how they exercise restraint and self-control and ONLY fire on legitimate targets. Of course, they NEVER face consequences when they kill the wrong guy.


If you are so awesome at deadly force encounters and police work then perhaps you should be applying to service as an LEO somewhere instead of just talking crap behind a screen name in internet world.


Great idea. Join the SS to clean up the SS. That logic TOTALLY pans out. You don’t need to be a mechanic to know 1 mile to the gallon is terrible.


If I could make $150k/yr + benefits / bonus, I’d consider it…


passing score 48/60, eh? Funny.. FBI stats show their average in the field is 20/100. And that is “hits” anywhere on perp, not lethal hits.


Lighten up guys. All Jason is saying is that this is the new FBI shooting qualification. And he is correct. As of January 2013. Check it out for yourselves. He said nothing about the quality or real world appropriateness of it. And the comments about Jason being self-promoting? Really? Grow up.


Many people are quick to confuse “qualification” with training.
Qualification is a liability thing. Tactical training is much different.Many PD don’t even have a passing score, it is either pass or fail. To many details can trip you up in court.


Excellent point. I concur.


Very true, I agree with you. The two things are distinctly different. Qualification allows a law enforcement officer to keep his gun by being proficient and the training helps you survive an encounter. Let’s not forget also, law enforcement qualify on many different weapons as does the FBI.

Amber Collier

just as Clarence replied I cant believe that anybody able to make $8294 in one month on the computer. did you read this site w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m


I just LOVE this joker’s advice:

“Later this week I plan to go to the shooting range and shoot this new
qualification, and the next time you go to the range, consider giving it
a try as well.”

Yeah, kindly tell me how many ranges you know of that allow you to shoot rapid fire after drawing from concealment. There may be a few around, but most of them are so concerned about liability that they strictly control the manner of fire, and this type of stuff will get you run off and barred from the range.


What, no head shots? at all??
What are they supposed to do in a hostage situation?

Michael Hopkins

Hey folks, here’s the thing…this course of fire is just a baseline. If you want to challenge yourself and/or your students, increase the number of shots in the same amount of time or keep the same number of rounds in a shorter amount of time. Also, until you can put every single shot through the exact same whole consistently, then I wouldn’t criticize any course of fire because you’re not perfect either. As a shooter, the ultimate goal of practicing anything is to become proficient at it to where it is second nature. You want to be proficient at it because once you reach perfection, no one can tell you anything and that’s a dangerous spot to be in.


Because we’re human we’ll never reach perfection but the qualification course should challenge you in as many ways as possible to become as good as possible. This course does not. It very likely will give a false sense of security to the agent until the very second he has to make that all important, life saving shot and realizes he’s not capable of doing it because his training never encompassed that situation. The result, he or someone else dies. It’s that simple, life or death, no do overs.

There is no “baseline” when it comes to tactical shooting, no grading on a curve. People live and die in nanoseconds based on reaction time and ingrained memory/muscle response. If you don’t have it because you’ve trained for it, lives are lost.

Please don’t try to make excuses for departments/agencies/agents/officers not having getting or offering the training. There are no acceptable excuses. I’ve seen the bodies of dead officers and civilians, including a partner, that resulted from this line of thinking. My stand is NO MORE. No longer do we accept any excuses. No longer will we shrug and say “well, we just don’t have the money”. I’ve seen too many law-abiding civilians who scrounge their own money to go through extensive training and are better trained than most law enforcement to accept any excuses from any dept., agency, agent or officer.


Seems to me if you stand 20 feet away you will never be hit. I feel pretty safe. If being fired at by the FBI.


How about the Hostage Rescue Team, H.R.T.

Retired with no bullet holes

What the article doesn’t tell you is that the FBI and the CIA have excellent records at generating paper but poor records at shoot outs in actual arrest situations. The US customs,Border Patrol,BATF,DEA and most state or local law enforcement are head and shoulders above the FBI and CIA when it comes to using a gun.


If the IDPA classifier was this easy, I’d be a 5-gun master…


QIT-99 The politically correct target.
Oh yeah I forgot, Human shaped targets are illegal in some states.


source for course of fire? Ya know http:// what ever the source is?


This is what U.S. Customs and Border Protection (Customs, Border Patrol, and Air and Marine) uses and has used it for a number of years now. Granted, this is only for qualification, weapons handling training and other training are separate, like night qualifications, shoot and move scenarios, steel plates, etc.


Well I now understand why Homeland security needs so many rounds of ammunition. I’ll let it go with that.


We currently use a qual that is similar, but harder. We use weak hand more, and weak hand at 25 also, plus 25 yds is unsupported. Even so, our and their qual is really poor. As per Vans40 below…..way to much is not being done, from night shoots to malf clearing shooting while moving and working from other than just a square range.