10 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Revolver For CCW

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Revolver For CCW

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Revolver For CCW

Who needs a high rate of fire when you can put high caliber rounds on target? In this article, we’ll discuss a few reasons why revolvers should be considered for concealed carry.


When we’re talking about having a single handgun that can serve all purposes of self-defense, a good, solid revolver is it. Capable of being chambered in any number of different calibers — including some versions that accept pistol cartridges — the revolver is an affordable all-around defensive handgun option.


No matter how big or small your hands are, chances are good you can get a fully-bodied grip on a revolver. If you don’t like the grips, this is one of the few styles of gun where it’s easy to find after-market replacements to suit your tastes… Or you could even mill your own for added personality.

Beginner friendly

Revolvers are great for first-time gun owners because they are simple to operate. For Double Action Only (DAO) revolvers, there is nothing to mess up once it’s loaded. Simply point to the target and fire. For SA/DA revolvers, there is the simplicity of DAO action with the option of single action tight shooting.


A good revolver will last a lifetime. No ‘if’s ‘and’s or ‘but’s about it. So long as you keep your revolver clean, dry, and lightly oiled, it’s one of the few guns you can pass down to your grandchildren and expect it to keep operating flawlessly.

Easy to fix

Should something go wrong on a revolver, there are very few parts to replace. And if you’re one of those folks who suspects that human civilization could collapse at any minute, a revolver is one of the few handguns that you can probably mill replacement parts for without too much issue.

Easy to clean

Slide out the cylinder, clean the individual cylinders. Clean out the bore. Clean the carbon off of the hammer. Lightly apply oil as needed… That’s the basics right there. If you do just that for the rest of your life, that revolver will be fine.

Extremely safe

No need for a manual safety when you have a handgun that will only fire if the hammer is pulled back to the rear. There’s absolutely no question of whether or not a revolver is ready to fire and thus the question of having a safety becomes pointless. If the hammer is back, it’s ready to shoot. If it’s double action, you can expect it to fire if you pull the trigger all the way to the rear. Safety is predictability and a revolver will predictably shoot given certain conditions.

Built to last

Some of the oldest working handguns in existence are revolvers. Revolvers have fewer moving parts and fewer points of failure than striker-fire or SA/DA pistols. Given enough time, everything fails and a handgun has a few critical points where, once broken, it will no longer work. Revolvers have the fewest points of failure of any handgun outside of a singe-shot derringer.

State law compliant

No matter what state you live in, a revolver is generally classified as an acceptable handgun to purchase. Even in New Jersey, your chances of owning a revolver are decent so long as you’re willing to go through their shenanigans.

Easy to conceal

Believe it or not, revolvers are probably some of the easiest handguns to conceal. The cylinder tends to be problematic and for some of the older models, the handle tends to jut out, but when considering options outside of IWB (inside the waistband), a revolver is an excellent choice. Shoulder holsters, ankle holsters, purse carry… These are all great options for a revolver. For inside the waistband, you’ll likely need to figure out what works best for you but it’s still very possible.