Armed Citizen Shoots and Kills Carjacker In St. Louis

Armed Citizen Shoots and Kills Carjacker In St. Louis

About 9:40 PM a recent Sunday, a man in downtown St. Louis was the victim of an attempted carjacking. He was approached by an armed suspect that tried to steal his car. The two exchanged gunfire. The suspect died at the scene while the victim driver suffered only minor non-gunshot injuries.

Of course, the entire incident is under investigation.

Not much to go one with this one but carjackings can be like that. The takeaway for concealed carriers is are you prepared to defend yourself in your car? Can you effectively draw seated in the driver’s seat? Can you do that without muzzling yourself or others that could be in the car with you? Do you know how to shoot through windshield or side glass if you had to? Can you even draw at all from the typical 4 to 5 o’clock position with the seatbelt in place?

Training to shoot live fire from a driver’s seat isn’t something most of us get a chance to do but you can do this (discreetly and safely please) dry fire in your own driveway or garage. Maybe you’ll find that you just need to change up your carry location while you are in your car.

Like most other attacks, carjackings can happen very quickly so being aware of what’s going on around you when you are in slow to stopped traffic can give you precious added seconds to respond. Getting in some in-car training will reduce the time you’ll need to respond.

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