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Indiana Considers an Upper Tier CCW Permit

Indiana Considers an Upper Tier CCW Permit

There are a number of firearms bills currently under consideration in the 2013 Indiana Legislative Session.  But I believe one bill needs special notation. Senate Bill SB555 was proposed by State Senator Brandt Hershman (R, District 7 and also the Majority Floor Leader).  You should also know that I'm the guy that asked my Senator…

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Shooting Accuracy - As We Age

Shooting Accuracy – As We Age

I don’t know about you, but as I age my biggest frustration is not being putting tight groups together on target with a pistol’s metal sights.  I “was” damn good!  Who knows about Top Shot as it wasn’t around when I was 30.  But, I was good both with pistol and rifles.  I wore glasses…

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Mr. Bruce Tinsley's September 16, 200 Mallard Fillmore Cartoon

Are You Being Watched and Are You Watching Them?

In early September two items of interest caught my eye related to the US Government and subtle actions which relate to Americans' 2nd Amendment rights. Because of the internet, and with no help from the mainstream media, a frantic outraged cry went up from firearms owners and supporters of 2nd Amendment rights when an Italian…

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Don't Take Your Guns to Town, Bill

Don’t Take Your Guns to Town, Bill

I was just reading the USA Carry article titled Will I know the Time? discussing dementia and gun ownership. As I read the article three thoughts slammed together in my head. The first was the old 1958 Johnny Cash song Don't Take Your Guns to Town where a mother pleads with her cowboy son to…

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