Bullet Flies Through Kitchen During Neighbors Home Invasion

Bullet Flies Through Kitchen During Neighbors Home Invasion

In Killen, AL, a man called 911 after a bullet penetrated his kitchen from a neighboring apartment.

According to Sgt. James Distefano of the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office, the man, found out the bullet came from the neighboring apartment when he went to their residence. Two men living there said they encountered three home invaders who forced their way into their apartment and assaulted them.

The bullet came from one of the victims who fired his gun and struck one of the suspects. Sgt. Distefano stated they found the suspect when their dispatch received a call from Northern Alabama Medical Center about a man with a gunshot wound to the buttocks.

The man shot is Clayton Shook, who initially said his wound came from accidentally shooting himself. 

Deputies contacted the victims, one of which was too injured to be interviewed. “They determined that his blood levels were very low; they said he had some severe internal bleeding somewhere that they needed to figure out where it was at,” Distefano said.

Deputies found the other two suspects were Brandon Atkinson and Kadarius Ingram, who are jailed, facing burglary, assault, and attempted robbery charges.

This situation is an example of never being truly safe. Most would like to think our homes are safe from the rest of the world, but the harsh reality is that it isn’t. This is why those who have weapons for home defense must know where they are readily accessible in time of need. Physical combat knowledge is always beneficial to try and prevent what happened to the other victim.

How this ambush was initiated is still to be figured out, but just know and plan for scenarios in your home where you would be subject to attack.

Investigators do not know the motive for the invasion and attack yet despite all the men knowing each other. On the personal side of things, you really cannot trust your peers and have to come to the reality that you might have to defend yourself against those close to you.

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