California State Assembly to Hear Open Carry Ban

California State Assembly to Hear Open Carry Ban

California State Assembly to Hear Open Carry Ban

In most California counties getting a carry permit is nearly impossible.  This leaves basically just one option which is unloaded open carry.  This practice has become more popular in the past few years for people seeking a measure protection.  California state Assemblyman Anthony Portantino has introduced AB 144 to ban this practice.  NRA link below lists the committee members you need to email.

Source: NRA-ILA

Ab 144 Assembly Bill – Introduced

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  • Tommyjames49

    This is the greatest idea since sliced bread. Just think the State of Kalifornia is willing to guarantee my safety, and if anything happens to me or the wife I will sue until I own the State. I think the reason I will win my case is because I don’t want a penny of the millions, but will give it to one of the blood sucking attorneys that consume the yellow pages.

    When Carls’ Junior leaves the state I think I’ll move too. Soon the only ones left in the state will be the illeagles, gang bangers, lawyers and politicians. Wonder where the revenue will come from to support what ever is left.

    Good luck Kalifornia you deserve what you get.

    Woe to those who call good evil and evil good.

    Don’t politicians, during the oath of office, say that they will support and defend the constitution of the United States. I know I did when I entered the armed forces.

  • Billyc69

    yeah, it’s a bad bill badly written, on top of a cornucopia of other bad gun laws.

    My family are all leaving or planning to leave the once Golden now Molden state of

    La Cucaroacha before Gov Moonbeam the Bald, starts his modern day Jesuit Inquisition

    on the taxpayers that are left here to pay for their socialist nirvana they’ve created over

    the past 40 years!