5 Reasons Why Carrying Concealed Needs To Be A Top Priority

5 Reasons Why Carrying Concealed Needs To Be A Top Priority

Too many times I’ve seen friends shrug off carrying a concealed pistol. It’s not like I’m checking their waistline, but we’ll have casual conversations at lunch, and one of them will say something like his wife doesn’t like him carrying or, another friend said he stopped carrying¬†concealed because his work won’t allow it.

I asked both of them what they planned on doing if a bad guy shows up with his gun. Asking this question usually grinds that talk to a standstill, except for Josh. He said his wife still carries in her purse. Josh married well. For the rest of us, here are five crucial reasons you need to make concealed carry a priority — now, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life.

#1. It’s Your Right, And You Should Make Use Of It

The Second Amendment isn’t something that comes in and out of fashion. It’s a guiding principle in the core document that the people of this country made with their government. The right to keep and bear arms needs to be upheld by our generations.

#2. Have A Chance To Be More Than Just A Passive Victim Of Life’s Circumstances

Too many times we look on the news to see another bad guy doing bad things to probably decent people. In all of those situations, you may wonder precisely what a single good guy with a gun could have done to stop it. When you become a concealed carrier and carry every single day, you no longer need to wonder.

#3. Adding One Inch To Your Waistline Can Save Your Life

When we clip a concealed carry pistol into our waistline, we’re choosing to take the slight inconvenience of tightened pants or belt, so we know that we’re ready to act in a moment’s notice. The daily routine of adding a gun to the waistband is one of the few examples of adding an inch to the waistline so one of us can save a life — perhaps our own. And if you are worried about adding another inch to your waistline, it might be time to try and cut an inch or two from your waistline to make room for that pistol. (Read More: Does Exercise Improve Concealed Carry)

#4. You’ll Never Regret Defensive Training You Never Use

Defensive pistol classes are tough, require time, energy, and commitment. There’s a chance all of that training goes to complete waste because not once in your life do you ever need to draw upon it to use your concealed carry pistol to defend yourself.

That is the best case scenario any of us can hope for — and the vast majority of us will hopefully experience.

However, should that day ever arrive, at least you have some measure of muscle memory to rely upon to guide you through an unspeakably difficult time. And should you prevail, it’s because your mind and body were able to grapple with a potentially lethal threat and overcome successfully.

#5. You Never Know When You’ll Need It

The concealed carry pistol on your belt may never once be needed. If it isn’t, you spent your entire adult life carrying around a steel and polymer paperweight. The very day you need it, that gun is worth more than gold. None of us have any idea when violence will strike. The newspapers don’t know, our politicians don’t know, and heck, even the psychic palm reader down the road keeps getting the dates messed up. That’s why we plan. That’s why we practice. And that’s why we carry concealed every single day, everywhere we possibly can.


  • icemancold

    This day and age only a FOOL does not carry every day at home away from home never know when a crazy or Terrorist is going to rear his or her ugly head be prepared be safe.!!

    • Jim L

      Yeah, there’s one behind every bush.

  • Mikial

    I went out and bought some pants at the next size bigger than I wear so that when I want to use my IWB holster I can do so comfortably. It works great. I carry, my wife carries, and there are literally no circumstances other than when it would be against the law such as going into a court house, when we do not carry. We refuse to be passive victims. Period.

  • Robert Best


  • Jim L

    Because of the prohibition at work, I don’t carry during the week and rarely at all. Maybe situational awareness is underrated.

    • Mikial

      I think we all run into this situation from time to time. For example, I sometimes have to visit schools where it is illegal to carry, or to travel to Maryland or DC where there is no reciprocity with my Virginia CHP. In cases such as this there is little recourse except to go without a gun. Of course, i deal with the school prohibition by parking my car off school property and leaving the gun secured there. Not much I can do about the Maryland/DC issue but carry something else. At a minimum I always carry a tactical pen that can be used as an improvised weapon. But that won’t do much good in a long range encounter, so situational awareness and having a plan is paramount. As for the work issue, we all need to have a paycheck so I understand your issue. On the other hand, it is not against the law to carry at work and I have carried many times in deep concealment and no one ever knows. If something ever did happen inside the workplace, I’d rather get fired for defending myself than be killed. But seriously, you should always carry outside of work.