Changes in Store for Utah Concealed Carry Permits

Changes in Store for Utah Concealed Carry Permits
Changes in Store for Utah Concealed Carry Permits

Under a measure signed into law by Governor Gary Herbert on Wednesday, Utah’s concealed weapons permit system—widely popular among gun owners nationwide because it’s recognized by 33 states—will see some significant changes.

Senate Bill 26 requires non-residents who seek a Utah concealed-weapon permit to first obtain one from their home state, if available. As a result, it will most certainly impact what has become something of a cottage industry for The Beehive State—the classroom instruction and issuing of its concealed-weapon permits to residents of other states who wish to legally carry in as many states as possible.

Sen. John Valentine, R-Orem, sponsored the bill and said he introduced the measure to address the concerns of other states that were considering ending their reciprocity with Utah’s CCW permit. Valentine said he understands that states prefer to train and qualify their own residents for concealed-carry permits, and they should retain that option, if applicable.

Further, Sen. Valentine said his measure gives states control over their own residents, while ensuring Utahns’ permits will be recognized more widely.

Source: Outdoor Life

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As a Resident of Maryland, I have a Utah non resident for use in surrounding states. If this is done for residents of MAY issue states such as mine, I’ll need to become a victim TWICE before Maryland issues a permit to me. And I was so happy with both the Fee structure and support of Utah up to now…


Likewise, as a resident of Hawaii, although we have a may issue CCW program, no permit has been granted in the last 20 years! It is at the discretion of the Chief of Police of each County, and they have made a pact among themselves not to grant any permits. We, too, will be greatly affected by this change.


How will you be affected by this change? HI doesn’t recognize Utah, so you are NOT affected.

Mister Ed

We, in Hawaii, would be affected by not being able to obtain a Utah non-resident permit since we are de-facto unable to get a permit here in our own state.


I have a Utah permit and I live in the COMMUNIST STATE OF NEW JERSEY! Give the states more control over their own citizens? I live in a GULAG under the thumbs of the COMMIES who control this state. You CANNOT get a concealed permit here. I have applied for one and it never got past the police chief with the full support of the county prosecuters office and the county judges. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE can get a permit here. Unless of course you are ” CONNECTED”. So without the Utah permit I will never have a permit at all! This all about money. The powers that be are getting paid off by the politicans of new jersey, maryland, hawaii, new york, mass, illinois, wisconsin, california and the like. I would bet this guy is in bed with Bloomberg! This country is really begining to SUCK big time!!!I guess this guy is in bed with Obama and Clinton to get our guns! They are going to have to kill me first! I won’t go down without a fight!

Matt Scott

You are right with regard to this being about money, but not in Utah. No way is Sen. Valentine in bed with any of these idiots. Here’s the story-
Nevada pulled reciprocity because they are losing out on a lot of money because all their residents were just getting Utah permits instead. Many Nevada instructors are Utah instructors as well. The Utah permit is more widely recognized so it is more sought after. Nevada pulled reciprocity with the excuse of “Utah does not require a live fire demonstration”.
Many other states are likely to follow suit. So, this is Utah’s way of appeasing other states. We like being one of the best permits nationwide, and we want to try to maintain that. It comes with trade-offs, however. You are seeing the effects of that.


One final note guys…Take a NRA live fire pistol course. Apply to Florida. They will give you one!


I also have a Utah permit as well as a N.Y. state carry permit,but this does not allow carry in


Will this be retro-active, or will those of us who now have a Utah permit be ‘grandfathered’?  Would hate to think my current permit is no longer valid as of July 1.