Concealed Carrier Shoots Killer in Texas Bar

Concealed Carrier Shoots Killer in Texas Bar

Concealed Carrier Shoots Killer in Texas Bar

Arlington, Texas police are still trying to unravel the motive of a man who shot and killed the manager of a sports bar Wednesday evening. The gunman was killed by an armed patron with a concealed handgun license.

Though not all facts about the shooting are known, it appears to be a cut and dried case of a good-guy with a gun ending what could have been a much deadlier incident.

The shooter has been identified as James Jones and the deceased manager as Cesar Perez.

Lt. Christopher Cook said the incident began when Jones entered the Zona Caliente Sports Bar and approached Perez, who was standing at one end of the bar. The two began arguing.

“There was some type of altercation, things being said, and this man pulled out a gun and shot the employee and killed the employee,” Cook said.

It was at that moment an unnamed patron at the other end of the bar drew his concealed weapon and shot and killed Jones.

“He made the decision to engage the shooter, fearing there would be other loss of life,” said Cook.

Though a third person was injured by broken glass, it appears no one else was seriously harmed.

Police are still interviewing witnesses and examining security footage but say no charges will be filed against the concealed carrier.

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David Ferrarini

In Florida you are not allowed to take your gun into a bar. Laws must be different in Texas.


Obviously. Looks like a good thing, too.

Bruce Slack

Same in WA.

Bob Rogers

same in MI. only people with guns in bars are people breaking the law, bad guys. 🙁


No….in Texas permit holders are not allowed to carry in a business that gets 50% or more of its income from consumed alcohol sales. That shooter should be charged with a felony.

Charles Cullens



cut and ‘DRIED’ case


Wait a min….in Texas you cant carry with a LTC in a bar. Its a felony. But they arent charging the guy who put down the shooter? I dont get it. I just got my Texas LTC and just recently took the required classes on this subject. Im glad the permit holder saved some lives by ending the situation, but I dont think he was legally carrying in that bar. The Texas law says we cant carry with our permit in any establishment that gets more than 50% of its income from consumed alcohol sales. The place has “bar” in its name, so I doubt they are popular for their steaks.