Concealed Carrier Turns the Tables on Would-Be Robber

Concealed Carrier Turns the Tables on Would-Be Robber

Here’s another case of why concealed carry works.

On Monday, around 8:05 PM, a man with a Minnesota Concealed Carry Permit was targeted during an attempted robbery. They exchanged gunfire and the criminal lost.

When police arrived on the scene the man who attempted to rob the concealed carry permit holder was found dead on the ground. The permit holder was not arrested.

State Rep. Pat Garofalo, R-Farmington, said the outcome of this shooting validates a 2003 law in Minnesota that allows people to carry a firearm in public.

“A loss of life is a tragedy,” Garofalo wrote. “But when a criminal pulls a gun, they risk ending their life. Concealed carry works.”

There are over 221,000 active concealed carry permit holders in Minnesota according to the data reported from the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. That means 1 in every 19 eligible Minnesota adults have a concealed carry permit.

Criminals may want to think twice about who they try to rob.

Concealed carry works.

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