Strategies For Concealed Carry At Work

Strategies For Concealed Carry At Work

Obviously, not every employer is friendly to concealed carry and having firearms on the premises. In fairness, that’s a whole lot of liability, and good business is to expose yourself to as little as possible; I mean, DUH.

This creates a quandary for the armed citizen. Go unarmed on the one hand, or risk termination of employment on the other.

We don’t recommend that you violate company policy nor jeopardize your livelihood. You need to make the best decision for yourself. If you decide that not risking it is best, then don’t risk it.

So, let’s talk about how to conceal and carry when a typical carry rig, meaning a holster, belt, and shirt covering it, just won’t work.

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Use A Backpack Or Briefcase

The idea here is to get your gun and your holster off your body and into a bag where it can be stashed when at your desk. The idea is pretty simple: you carry as normal everywhere else but when you get to work – either in the parking lot or duck into a bathroom stall once you enter the building – you take your gun and holster off (and LEAVE IT HOLSTERED) and place it in a briefcase or backpack.

There sits your backpack or briefcase close by, and when it’s time to go home, find somewhere private and put the pistol and holster back on.

It’s not perfect. For one, nothing is stopping anyone from opening your bag or briefcase when you aren’t around if you go to the bathroom or to a meeting or what have you. Also, fumbling with a zipper in an emergency isn’t ideal either.

Perfect? No. But it works with almost any dress code and doesn’t telegraph anything to anyone. You run the risk of being caught with a gun at work, of course, but that risk is greatly reduced compared to chancing it by concealing and carrying normally. Just make sure to put the gun and holster back on the body as soon as you can.

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Safe Car Storage

A common strategy is to leave your carry gun in your vehicle. While it’s viable – take gun off, stash it along with your holster, go to work – it comes with some caveats.

First, what if your workplace is attacked? A gun in your car is no good to you when the parking lot is 100 yards away, and an armed maniac is 10 yards away.

Second is the rise of gun thefts from vehicles. In fact, it’s one of the most common ways criminals obtain weapons. Armed citizens leave their gun in their car, the car gets broken into because the thief saw your Garmin and thought there’d be other goodies in there and – hey, it’s a free Glock!

If you’re going to stash your gun in your car, make sure you use a vehicle safe. Use one that either attaches to the seat brackets or another part of the body via a steel cable. Or use one that bolts into the floor, trunk, or console.

USA Carry Editor-In-Chief, Luke McCoy, uses a Console Vault Floor Console that bolts into his center console as well as an Under Rear Seat Lockbox by Tuffy Security Products.

Concealed Carry Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are incredibly useful, and we really should have gotten past how dorky they look as a society…but such is life. You’ll have to be okay with looking like a dork.

Basically, it’s just like using a backpack to stash a pistol and holster, just small enough to keep on you at all times. Or, you can take it off when you get to your desk and stash it in a drawer.

All the same drawbacks to stashing your piece in a backpack or briefcase are present as well. Also, take care to select a fanny pack that has a dedicated pistol compartment and some sort of holster that covers the trigger guard. Make sure you don’t put anything else in the compartment with the pistol.

You nerd.

Ankle Holster

Unfortunately, a backpack or fanny pack doesn’t work well for anyone that works on their feet and/or has to bend over a lot. Construction, nursing, and other trades would tend to rule these things out. An ankle holster, however, is not a bad alternative either.

Granted, you need to select an ankle holster that works with your footwear, and that is stable enough to carry the pistol all day securely, and not all are created equal!

However, ankle holsters have some drawbacks. For one, they aren’t the most comfortable thing to wear for extended periods unless you find one of the right design. For two, there’s the access issue; you have to bend over or kneel, get your pant leg up, get the gun out, and into the fight, and it’s just not guaranteed you’ll be able to IF one should come.

Pocket Carry…But Be Darned Careful

Another solution is to pocket carry, but in many respects, this isn’t the best option. IF you’re going to, use a pocket holster or else you’re taking a very stupid risk. Negligent discharges, some leading to injury or death, occur with people who pocket carry without a holster, and they happen regularly. Google “accidental gunshot,” and you’ll see what I mean; it’s almost always someone carrying a pistol in their pocket unprotected.

So you could…but, again, like other methods it has it’s weaknesses. Unless you have a decent pocket holster, just don’t.

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