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Options For When You Can't Carry A Gun At Work

Options For When You Can’t Carry A Gun At Work

I work for a company that grew from a small group of dedicated souls to a much larger organization. With those leaps came the inevitable discussion about insurance and liability and employee policies. I knew it was coming but the day Human Resources broadcast that employees were no longer authorized to carry firearms, my heart…

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Interpreting Your Company's CCW Policy

Interpreting Your Company’s CCW Policy

If you own your own business, in almost every state that entitles you to be able to carry a gun on the premises. In all other cases, you are on someone else's private property. This does not explicitly deny you the right to carry concealed, but there are some good practices every concealed carrier should…

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Should You Take Your Gun To Work?

Should You Take Your Gun To Work?

To bring or not to bring. It's a basic question we all ask ourselves when we get up for work in the morning. On one hand, there's the comfort and security of knowing you're able to protect yourself and potentially your co-workers in the event of a security risk at work. On the other hand,…

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CCW on the Job

CCW on the Job: Do Your Research

Personal protection is often given a main reason for owning and carrying a handgun. Hopefully, you feel secure in your home, and, if you stay there all day, the question of protection is covered.  However, most of us have to venture out into the world, and that makes the issue of security more complicated.  Unfortunately…

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