[BELT GIVEAWAY] 4 Tips to Make Appendix Carry More Comfortable When Driving

Do you appendix carry but find it uncomfortable when you are driving, especially on long road trips? Well, here my four tips that will help it make it a lot more comfortable.

One question I get a lot about appendix carry is “how can you sit down or ride in a car with it.” I’ve seen some people say it’s impossible because it is so uncomfortable. So, I figured I’d make this video to show you how I carried my Glock 19 on a 6-7 hour trip home from Houston in my appendix holster and give you four tips on how I make it more comfortable.

When I take long road trips,  I carry my Glock 19. But these tips apply to shorter trips and smaller guns. It is a little less noticeable when I’m carrying my Glock 43L since the holster isn’t as long, but neither one is uncomfortable. One thing I like about appendix carry is that I have easy access to my gun. I don’t have to take my gun off and put it on a holster mounted somewhere in my truck. Hopefully, you’re not using one of those magnet mounts in your car. I’ll leave that one alone for now. I’ve got another video planned for that.

So one obvious part of making appendix carry comfortable is having a good holster. I won’t get into that too much now as that needs a video all on its own. But there here are some tips that will keep you comfortable no matter what holster you are using.

1. Use a Ratchet Gun Belt

Using an adjustable belt like a ratcheting belt. I’m using a NexBelt Supreme Appendix Belt and had been my favorite gun belt for about two years. You can check out my review of it here. So the ratcheting belts allow you to loosen and tighten the belt quickly. So when I hop in my truck, I’ll reach down and hit the release to loosen it. But also by loosening it, the gun comes away from my body a bit. This allows me to get a better grip on the gun when I’m drawing. And stay tuned till the end of the video because I’m giving away a one of a kind, special edition version of this belt.

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2. Add a Foam Wedge To Your Holster

So the foam wedges help push the top of the gun back into you to assist with printing. But putting the pad low enough on the muzzle so that when you are seated gives you cushion between the holster and your skin. This was a big help for me on long road trips and sitting down in general. The foam wedge I show in this video is from KSGArmory and is only $7. I’ll be making a video showing you how to make your own foam wedges soon, so keep an eye out for that.

3. Tuck Your Shirt Behind Your Gun & Holster

Tucking your shirt behind your gun and holster accomplishes a couple of things. First off, it gets a layer of material between your skin and the grip. I usually have an undershirt on anyway, but I still tuck my shirt behind the grip, so there’s no cover garment to clear if I need to access my gun. I also tuck the seatbelt behind the grip. So that, paired with Tip #1, one of loosening your belt makes drawing your handgun very easy and very quick. Just remember to cover back up before you get out of your vehicle. It is an easy thing to forget after driving for a few hours, so just make sure you make a mental note of that. Hell, put a sticky note on your window if you need to.

PSA: It is not recommended to put the part of the seat belt that goes across your hips behind your holster. The lap belt. People will put it behind the holster thinking that if they get in a wreck, the belt will push the holster into them causing damage. In reality, putting it behind the holster pushes the belt above your hips over your abdomen and will result in far worse injuries.

4. Check State Laws for Reciprocity & “No Guns Allowed” Signs

This last tip isn’t equipment related but when you are planning a long trip, try to plan your routes and stops to minimize having to take your gun on and off. This entails checking the gun laws for the states you are passing through. You need to know if those states have reciprocity with the state you have a CCW permit in which you can do here at USA Carry. I’ve got an interactive Concealed Carry Map that gives you all that information for free.

But you’ll also want to look at things like, whether the state allows businesses to put up no guns allowed signs and whether or not they have the force of law. For example, you don’t want to stop for gas and realize that the gas station doesn’t allow guns inside. So just try to plan out your trip so that if possible, you never have to take your gun off. I’ve made this trip to Houston and back so many times, I know exactly where I’m stopping for gas and bathroom breaks. And there’s usually a few of those since I’m traveling with my wife and a 4-year-old.

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Alright, so there are my four tips for making appendix carry a little more comfortable when you are driving, especially on long road trips. And now, let’s get to the giveaway.

I partnered up with NexBelt, and they made this awesome, one-of-a-kind appendix carry belt with the American flag etched on the buckle. I want to keep it for myself but just hit the link here enter for free. This giveaway will run for 30 days, and then I’ll announce the winner by email. Good luck!


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