Concealed Carry Q&A Digest – March 19, 2018

Concealed Carry Digest: You Asked - We Answer

We get asked a lot of questions, and it’s only fair that we attempt to answer them. Questions with longer answers often become articles and sometimes we even get some USA Carry Readers to submit their answers. This article is for all the questions that didn’t need their own article. Click here to view all of our Concealed Carry Q&A Digest articles.

I am wondering if you know where I can find specific information about Wisconsin open carry laws? I am looking for either case citations or specific statutes. Thank you!

There are no specific statutes or laws that permit open carry in Wisconsin so it is presumed legal with restrictions. You can view this and more info at our Wisconsin Open Carry page.

Now that Washington D.C. is a “shall issue” district is there anything in the making of reciprocating amongst other states? I currently have a MD and UT CCW but at times I go into DC for work and, by work required to carry. If DC is working on reciprocity then I may wait before I attempt to acquire a DC CCW permit.

Washington D.C. currently does not recognize any other state’s concealed carry permits or licenses. We have no information on whether or not they will accept any states in the future but I wouldn’t hold your breath. You might want to go ahead and apply for a Washington D.C. permit.’

I have a non-resident conceal to carry permit from the state of Virginia. I would like to transfer the permit to New Mexico. What documentation do I need to submit in order to do this?

First, you need to establish residency in New Mexico and then file a renewal application with 90 days. Since New Mexico accepts Virginia, you can carry while you go through this process. You may have to take a refresher or initial firearms training course if the training requirements don’t meet the training requirements of New Mexico or the training was more than one year prior to filing. You can read more about this and view the application in the New Mexico Concealed Handgun Carry Act of 2003 with Rules and Regulations.

When traveling with a Concealed Cary license and your gun is not on your person, if you are stopped by the police, is it necessary to inform the offer you have a weapon in the vehicle?

It all depends on what state you are in and their laws. Each state has different laws regarding how firearms should be stored in vehicles and whether or not you have to notify police about them when stopped.