Crime Rate Drops in Virginia Bars and Restaurants

Crime rate drops in Virginia bars and restaurants

Crime rate drops in Virginia bars and restaurants

Okay, even gun rights advocates have to admit that, on its face, the idea of legalizing concealed carry in places that serve alcohol sounded bad, if only at first blush.  When the state of Virginia removed the restriction on concealed carry in bars and alcohol-serving restaurants last year, critics blasted the action and predicted a wave of crime, violence, and death from drunken patrons … much like critics of carry permits predict for licensed carry anywhere, actually.  The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported yesterday that the critics managed to keep their perfect prognosticating record intact (via Gabriel Malor):

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  • Anonymous

    awesome for them!!!!

  • SameSituationInOhio

    It is good to read this.  I live in Ohio and we just passed some laws that will allow us to carry in acohol serving establishments.  Of course, we are hearing all of the same stuff that was said in Virginia.  I can only hope that we have some sort of recognition in print a year after the laws go into effect (September) proving that the wild west shoot outs by drunks didn’t happen.

  • IwillSurvive

    If you are carrying a concealed weapon, you are forbidden to consume alcohol.  Most concealed permit holders follow the law, hence having the permit, so it makes sense that the crime rate would drop. 

    It is those people that don’t follow the law that are most affected whenever law abiding citizens are allowed to arm themselves for personal defense.

  • The Virginia Statute has proven that citizens allowed to exercise their rights will do so responsibly. As of July 1st 2012 the one hand gun a month restriction was repealed. No bloodshed in the streets. When will the anti-gunners, especially the big city mayors, learn that firearms restrictions only adversely impact law abiding citizens?