One More Example Why You Should Always Use a Holster

One More Example Why You Should Always Use a Holster

One More Example Why You Should Always Use a Holster

We hear about these incidents every so often.

Guy has gun. Guy has no holster. Guy puts gun into pants. Guy shoots himself.

Just this week a man in Phoenix, AZ was walking to a store with his girlfriend and decided to “secure” her pink handgun in the front of his pants. He had a negligent discharge (notice I didn’t say accidental discharge) which wound up hitting his penis and then his left leg. Obviously there was a lot of blood and there are no updates on his condition.

This should just be another reminder that being a responsible gun owner means just that…BEING RESPONSIBLE. If you don’t have a holster or are getting by with a cheap holster, it is time to go out and get one that will secure your firearm properly. If you are interested you can find out what the most popular holsters are within the USA Carry community here.

Source: AZCentral

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  • Anonymous


  • Paul

    Surprise ignorance or stupidity can hurt you! Think of this as a very expensive class; you paid the tuition and lived, I hope you learned a lesson.

  • Nobody

    I agree that using a holster is best.  However, to shoot yourself, the trigger must be pulled!  I am willing to bet this moron had his finger on the trigger when he either put the pistol in his waistband, adjusted it or pulled it out.

    • wuzfuz

      Ignorance can be cured with eduacation, but as Ron White says, “You can’t fix stupid.”

  • Haveing a holster or not cannot fix neglagent handleing of a firearm, meaning if he didn’t pull the trigger he would not have shot his stuff

  • I imagine if this had happened at night, it could be cosidered a “nocturnal discharge”.

  • Logboss

    Carrying a firearm is a huge responsibility. Securing it safely is a huge part of that. I carry my 642 with and without a holster depending on the clothing I wear. It wasn’t until recently when my wife bought me jeans that were too loose that I started to seriously use a holster.. and I’ve been carrying daily for over 10 years without a problem.

  • wuzfuz

    I don’t understand why any LAW-ABIDING citizen would use the Mexican (my apologies) carry with what most view as a dangerous machine.  If you are legal, the security of a good holster outweighs any concern about having a holster.  In my mind, the only reason not to have a holster is the ability to ditch the gun.  The case of Plaxico Burres carrying a Glock in the waistband of sweatpants and shooting himself should let everyone know that is not the way to do things, and the guy in Phoenix had little respect for his manhood, but then, people do learn from movies or TV, good or bad, and they do show men stuffing a firearm down their pants often.

  • Logboss

    ‘the ability to ditch the gun’ is not the reason I don’t use a holster with certain guns. My 642 goes 4 o’clock right above the wallet and is very comfortable,and very secure. Jogging, biking, and work has yet to dislodge it. Is it for everyone.. no. I’ve tried several holster and always seem to go back to this.I rarely ever carry in front, It’s just way to dangerous. Even though I have no desire to be shot in the ass I’ll continue to use this method of carry until something better shows up.

    And by the way.. I am a LAW-ABIDING citizen!!

  • I wonder what make/model POS this handgun was for it to discharge like that? Something cheap like a Jennings 22.

  • Anonymous

    What can you say about this situation? Your chances of having a discharge is greatly increased if you don’t have a holster to secure your weapon. I’d be afraid to carry without some type of holster due to the fact it might discharge and hurt someone else.

  • Billy Bob

    The Phoenix media circus made this event into one more of their half-hour “NEWS” teasers.  After 2 or 3 days it completely went off the map.. I can only imagine that the stupid SOB has hired an attorney to sue the gun manufacturer.  We (residents of Phoenix and metro) have not heard anything else about the incident.  Never any mention of caliber either. Little man gotta think with big head next time!!! 

  • Thomasmwood82

    he Plaxico’ed himself !

  • the_kid1889

    I found it hard not to LOL