Alabama Gun Law Changes Go Into Effect Today – Aug 1, 2013

Alabama Gun Law Changes Go Into Effect Today
Alabama Gun Law Changes Go Into Effect Today
Alabama Gun Law Changes Go Into Effect Today
Alabama Gun Law Changes Go Into Effect Today

On May 20, 2013, the NRA-supported Senate Bill 286 was signed into law making it a big victory for gun owners across the country. This bill made 8 key changes that restored and protected the Right to Bear Arms in Alabama.  Even if you do not live in Alabama, these new changes do affect you. One of the changes made was to the Alabama Concealed Carry Reciprocity. Alabama now accepts concealed carry permits from ALL states. We have updated our Concealed Carry Reciprocity Maps to reflect this change. We have also embedded the Alabama Reciprocity Maps at the bottom of this post.

Other changes include:

  • Making Alabama a Shall Issue State
  • Sheriffs are now required to use the National Criminal Background Check System (NICS) when performing background checks on concealed carry applicants.
  • Alabama Pistol Permit holders can store their firearm in their vehicle while they are at work.
  • Applicants can choose how long the permit will be valid for from one to five years.
  • 1Alabama Hunting License holders can store an unloaded rifle or shotgun in their vehicle while they are at work.
  • Alabama State Legislature has total control over firearm, ammunition and firearm accessory regulation and policy to keep them uniform.
  • Castle Doctrine extends into a place of business
  • Transportation of a handgun in a vehicle is allowed without an Alabama Pistol Permit if you are legally permitted to possess the handgun. The handgun but be unloaded, locked in a container or container that is in or affixed securely to the vehicle and out of reach of the driver or any passenger.

We have completely overhauled the Alabama Concealed Carry information page with our new format that we are converting all state pages to. You can view all of these changes and other information there.

View which state’s concealed carry permits Alabama accepts and which state’s accept Alabama Pistol Permits below.
[box type=”info”]Alabama Concealed Carry Maps[/box]

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Luke McCoy is the founder of USA Carry. In 2007, he launched USA Carry to provide concealed carry information and a community for those with concealed carry permits and firearm enthusiasts.
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I found two inaccuracies: it’s 18 statewide now to get a permit. Any sheriffs that are still requiring that you be 21 are being contacted and that’s being dealt with at the moment. Also, in the alcohol section: restrictions on the backs of permits are no longer valid. No more conditions set on any permit.


Thanks, those changes have been made.


I guess I better check to see if the info on Colorado is correct…. I was taught that CO had reciprocity with any state that had reciprocity with CO.


That might not be automatic. Pennsylvania is the same way, sort of. They will honor permits from any state that will honor the PA permit, but it still needs to be revised yearly by the PA AG. Maybe CO is the same way?


It may be possible that with all the brain dead guns laws this liberal state passed the last session, that was included to restrict that portion of the law..


Gary and Linda Hass were on their way to Colorado in 2010. Being Oklahoma certified CCW, they were a bit hesitant to ‘carry’ while driving through New Mexico to Colorado.

It cost them their lives, when McCluskey broke out of the Arizona prison with his ‘Friends’. Gary and Linda’s guns were back in the trailer, ….safe from the unpredictable laws. Their bodies were burned to ashes in their RV.


I ALWAYS carry… better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6


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Colorado is one state that only honors a permit if the holder of the permit is a resident of the state that issued it. Some states will only issue permits to their residents, and others will issue permits to Non-residents.


As such, it now shows Colorado yellow in the map above. When it first came up, it was still shown red.


I’ve lived in Alabama my whole life and I must say that I’m shocked about the recent announcements concerning Alabama gun laws. I have always lived and behaved as if those self same laws had always existed and been in effect. With the exception of the one year permit renewal of course.

Had I known that they were in fact not law, I would have been more active in ‘gun rights protection’ politics. This forum has taught me that I should never assume my “right” is there and is being protected by someone else. It would seem that it’s up to me to “know” what my rights are, where my rights are and to always be prepared to defend them against any who may wish to, by whatever means, deny them to me.

Carrie Callaway Rachel

What’s an Res Permit?


Res Permit means Resident Permit.


Which also means my non-Resident NH Permit no longer allows me to legally carry in AL. Of course, new CWP laws usually have a lot of grey areas to be sorted out.


oops…apparently I am the grey area. I looked at the wrong map!

Carrie Callaway Rachel

I thought so, but my husband is from very near the AL/FL line, and swears you can carry in FL with an AL permit. I told him he better double-check!


There are a few points that were missed in the article. One is that the new law gives a specific time frame for the sheriff to issue or deny the permit, this prevents a sheriff from foot dragging CCW applications. Second the sheriff is required to issue a letter of denial stating the specific reason or reasons for denying the applicant. Third there is now an appeals process for denials. These reforms are a welcome change, in addition to the most important change of making the process “shall-issue”.

Previously there was the issue that a sheriff could decide not to issue permits to black people for no other reason than because they are black. The sheriff didn’t have to tell anyone why they were being denied other than perhaps some vague comment that the applicant did not meet the criteria for being issued a permit. And the applicant was left with no recourse as there was no appeals process.

This has all been fixed with these new reforms.


can some one from tenn carry open in alabama or is it concealed only

Derrick Culligan

No, if you carry into a different state you must follow their laws exactly as if you held their permit. Each state has its own rules regarding prohibited places, open carry, duty to inform law enforcement etc…. and you’re responsible for following them.


The great state of Alabama is an open carry state..

got my new 5 year permit today… it looks like the drivers licences I’ve seen from South Western states, New Mexico, Arizona etc etc…..


thank you for the info. i just got my ccw permit to . i hope we don;t have to use our gun. god bless


only issue I see is it’s 49 states not 50
Although Vermont allows open & concealed carry without permit, which is the best and allows all permits from other states, the others do not recognize the non-permit!
I cover my self with other non-resident permits!!


i was told that i can;t get a permit from other states . states recognize other states permits.


In several sates , Wy, as an exmple, they do not requre a permt to CC carry, how is it they then do not recognze other states permits? Please explan or can you make a map that shows states that do not requre permits for CC or open carry

Scott Wilson

Great to hear about the gains in Alabama.

Chuck Warren

There is hope for us all yet…


I guess that’s an improvement, but why all that hassle and red tape? Why does someone from out of state, but American, who doesn’t pay up for a “permit”, have to unload their items and lock them in the trunk?