Florida Concealed Carrier Shoots a Criminal Off Deputy in Need

Florida Concealed Carrier Shoots a Criminal Off Deputy in Need

A Lee County, Florida Sheriff’s deputy may owe his life to a concealed carrier who answered the deputy’s calls for help. The armed citizen was able to shoot the suspect that had pinned the deputy to the ground.

While working at a crash site on Interstate 75, Deputy First Class Dean Bardes witnessed a car fly past him at high speed. Bardes pursued the vehicle, and after pulling the vehicle over the suspect started to fight with the deputy.

“I watched the suspect jump out of his car and run toward the officer and tackled [sic] him,” one witness later commented on Wink News’ story page.

The man was able to get on top of the deputy and began beating him in the middle of the off ramp.

The deputy called out for help and a lone concealed carrier stepped in to save the officer.

According to numerous witnesses, the armed citizen repeatedly told the suspect to get off of the deputy. When he did not comply, the citizen shot him three times.

The suspect slumped over and fell off the officer. Though emergency responders tried to revive him, the suspect died from his wounds.

Deputy Bardes was not shot and was later released from the hospital.

This is not the first time we’ve seen an armed citizen step in to save an officer in need. And with all of the anti-police rhetoric going around lately, it’s likely not the last time.

In this particular case, there were many other witnesses who were either unwilling or unable to intervene. This man was both well-equipped and well trained enough to help the deputy in need. And that is why the word “hero” is applicable.

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