Fobus Magazine Carrier for Glock G36/S&W M&P 45 Review

Fobus Magazine Carrier for Glock G36/S&W M&P 45 Review
Fobus Magazine Carrier for Glock G36/S&W M&P 45 Review

Since I began carrying the Glock G36 as my EDC, I have been attempting to find a good home for spare magazines.

I had been using a Galco DMC26B double magazine carrier but I needed it for other magazines and did not want to adjust the adjustment screws every time that I needed to change magazine carriers, as it is set up for two Bersa 45UC magazines.

Finding the Fobus 6966BH double magazine carrier here, I decided to try it, as it made specifically made for the G36 magazines. What I ordered and what I received are two different things.

The picture in the advertisement shows a “paddle” style magazine carrier. I am not that big a fan on “paddle” gear, as I feel that they should propel canoes and such, but decided to order it anyway. I was surprised when the package arrived and the magazine carrier was actually a belt-slide version.

In keeping with the G36, the magazine carrier is of excellent construction and material (high-density polymer). It holds two spare magazines for my G36 with authority (there are tension devices built into the magazine slots) and has a gentle contour to present a low profile as possible. Fobus used robust rivets throughout the construction. The material is as thick as its leather counterparts are. Separate slots allow you to carry the carrier on a belt 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches wide. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Fobus magazine carrier is somewhat smaller than the Galco version and rides a little lower on the belt than the Galco, which is good for my long arms. The slots for the magazines are actually about the same size as the Galco even though it appears that the magazine slots in the Fobus are larger. Of course, you can adjust the tension on the Galco unit for several types of magazines, but that does not mean that the Fobus cannot accommodate magazines other than the G36. The Fobus also works for my Bersa 45UC, S&W M&P 45, and Stoeger Cougar 8045 magazines. Although the fit is not tight, it is not loose either. The tension feature inside each magazine slot keeps the magazine in place.

Fobus Magazine Carrier for Glock G36/S&W M&P 45 Review
Fobus Magazine Carrier for Glock G36/S&W M&P 45 Review

The price for the Fobus unit was $23.00 compared to the $60.00 price tag of the Galco unit. I will learn to live with that.

If you have a Glock G36 and need a magazine carrier for range use or EDC, give the Fobus 6966BH double magazine carrier a try. Its reasonable price and quality construction may do the job that you need it to do – transport spare magazines.

$599.99 (Reg.$ 799.99)
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How well do the M&P .45’s stay in there? I’ve picked up a clearance holder (a different brand) that was supposed to fit the Glock 36, so I’d hoped would fit my M&P, but it was far too loose. Is it all in the tensioning inside that keeps the Fobus in place?


There is a “tension bar” (for lack of a better term) in each holder that keeps tension on the magazine. I found that, although, the magazines from the M&P45 would move side-to-side, the tension bar keep them from popping out of place. I normally carry spare magazines left side appendix and once on the belt, the pressure of the belt helped to secure the magazines further. Since the magazines for the M&P, Bersa 45UC, and Stoeger Couger 8045 are not embedded in an outer covering, this would explain the slight differences in retention but they stay in place just fine.

Jason Seiler

I own a Glock 36 and was unable to find a well-fitting magazine holder. Thank you for this recommendation! I just went to Amazon and purchased this item.

Alex Ward

I have carried both my baby eagle and 2 spare magazines in Fobus Holsters for the last 2 years. Mine are actually the paddle holster. I like the paddle holster because its easy to slide on and off and I can wear it at home in pajama bottoms :). Part of the durability comes from the need to stand up to punishing conditions as the primary sidearm holster for the Israeli military and Israeli Police. My reason for getting the Fobus holster was simple, if I’m carrying an Israeli made gun, I might as well carry it in an Israeli made holster.