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Glock 19X Review

FIRST REVIEW: Glock 19X Crossover 9mm Pistol

The new for early 2018 Glock 19X (G19X) Crossover available this week is a hybrid mostly Generation 5 combination of a Glock 19 (G19) Slide and a Glock 17 (G17) frame. The G19X uniquely matched the U.S. Army's criteria for their Modular Handgun System (MHS) competition with one pistol, and now it is being offered…

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Glock 17 Gen 5 Review

Glock 17 Gen 5 Review: Is It Worth the Upgrade?

It seems for most of us whatever gun we have we want a better trigger, sturdy steel sights, an enhanced barrel, a very durable finish, and improved internals to help with accuracy. Some also want ambidextrous controls, a beveled magazine well, no grip finger grooves, and safety features for their mags. Others do not want…

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G43 Firearm Review

Glock 43 with XS Big Dot Night Sights Review

There are many subcompact 9mm handguns now for concealed carry.  Most shooters want a slim, very lightweight, small, accurate, reliable, and highly concealable gun to carry. One that can be easily carried in the pocket or inside (IWB) or outside (OWB) the waistband. Small enough for carry, perhaps IWB at the Appendix position (AIWB), for…

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Why We Shouldn't Worry About Polymer Handguns

Why We Shouldn’t Worry About Polymer Handguns

Glock and Steyr-Mannlicher were two of the most widely distributed pistol manufacturers in the early 80s that featured a polymer lower receiver. The core components that fire a gun need to always be made of metal because of the ballistic configuration of a modern pistol round. However, almost all of the support components can be…

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Myth Destroyed: .40 S&W Isn't Dead, It's Just Sleeping

Myth Destroyed: .40 S&W Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Sleeping

In recent news, the Federal Bureau of Investigation declared they're using a 9x19mm round in their newly issued Glocks. This goes counter to extensive testing and experimentation done with larger caliber handguns like the 10mm and .40 S&W. After all, if the lucrative FBI contract had never come up looking for a more ideal handgun…

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The Glock RSA Exchange Program

The Glock RSA Exchange Program

Recently, I had learned about the Glock RSA Exchange program. I was surprised to hear that my local range was unaware of the program. That led me to think that others have also not heard of the program. GLOCK Inc. is voluntarily exchanging the recoil spring assembly (RSA) on its new Gen4 pistols (with the…

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Glock Manual Safety Kit by Cominolli Custom

Glock Manual Safety Kit by Cominolli Custom

Cominolli Custom of Syracuse, NY has engineered a product for the Glock line of pistols that make it absolutely mechanically safe! Yes, the Glock has three passive safeties built into the pistol by the manufacturer, and they do work. But, and there always has to be a 'but'… There have been reports of inadvertent or…

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Lone Wolf Glock Conversion Barrels

Lone Wolf Glock Conversion Barrels

Lone Wolf Distributors of Oldtown, Idaho has enabled the Glock Models 22 & 27 (and others) to become even more versatile and valuable. A strong statement that some may not agree with. Let me first state that in my lifetime of using and carrying handguns, I had never believed that I would own a Glock…

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