Gun Regulation Issue in Clinton/Sanders Debate

Gun Regulation Issue in Clinton/Sanders Debate

Gun Regulation Issue in Clinton/Sanders Debate
On Sunday, DNC presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders met for a debate in Flint, Michigan. In an usually lively exchange, the Second Amendment and the nature of “reasonable regulation” came to the fore yet again.

The candidates traded carefully aimed barbs on the issue. Clinton attacked Sander’s record, focusing on a 2005 vote in which he opposed holding firearms manufacturers liable for the criminal uses of their products. Sanders in turn defended his position, arguing that immunity was necessary:

“they [the manufacturers] understand that they’re selling guns into an area that it’s getting into the hands of criminals.”

That dispute aside, the two candidates agreed that expanded background checks were necessary, and that further regulation was needed. Clinton employed descriptive, colorful language:

“I know some of the parents from Sandy Hook. I want people in this audience to think about what it must feel like to send off your first-grader, little backpack maybe on his or her back, and then the next thing you hear is that somebody has come to that school using an automatic weapon, an AR-15, and murdered those children.”

As several commentators have pointed out, the AR-15 is not an automatic weapon.
Sanders’ record on gun control and the Second Amendment has been an ongoing issue in the primary. While Sanders broadly supports increased regulation, background checks, and bans on classes of weapons, he has acknowledged the regional and cultural divides shaping national views on the issue.

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Michael Jenkins is a writer and editor based in Wilmington, North Carolina. He is a lifelong reader, gardener, shooter, and musician. You can reach him at
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Hilldolph Clinton or Comrade Sanders, what a choice.


Modern demokrat loons are such whining, ignorant, commie, anti-white American embarrassments

Jason Donovan

“…somebody has come to that school using an automatic weapon, an AR-15, and murdered those children” OK STOP!!!!! Automatic weapons ARE banned without extraordinary licenses and cost. I have yet to see ANY murders at all by automatic weapon SO STOP ALREADY!!!! As for going to that school…A GUN FREE ZONE…and murdering anyone…no kidding it is horrible! Maybe if there WAS someone there with a gun many or all those kids would be alive! You want to keep the focus on the tool but the tool can be used either for good or bad and when you declare no one can legally use that tool there, I guess those who don’t care about the law can succeed!

Fed Up

It is really ironic and funny that the Democrats supposedly at the top don’t know the proper nomenclature for the various types of firearms; yet want to ban guns that are already banned without a Class 3 license and thorough FBI Background Check!! I don’t know of any Class 3 firearm that has actually been used in any mass shooting or crime for that matter! Democrats and Democrats on drugs are doing the mass shootings according to FBI Stats. So, it seems that if we want to prevent mass shootings, we should not allow Democrats to have guns. Also, we should make sure the President’s Secret Service Detail, congress person’s security personnel and senator’s security personnel only have stun guns, because what is good for the middle class and poor; should be good for the “Rich & Famous”! Hey Rosie O’donnell, you too can turn in your concealed weapon, along with your other Hollywood Democratic Buddies!

OH, by the way; Hilary says “Rich People” aren’t paying their “Fare Share”! She should know, because she and Billy have cheated the system for years!!!! They’ve let us the “American Taxpayers” bite the bullet to pay for their many houses, equip them with security systems and a Secret Service Detail for each and everyone of them, since Billy was a disgrace at playing President. “I did not have sex with that lady”: Really?? King and Queen of the LIARS Club!!!

Joseph Waters

They don’t know or nor do they care what the proper terms are for firearms, because it’s about guns…. Its all about control and power….

Mike C

Again, punishing law abiding citizens because of criminals doing what criminals do. More people were hurt in 2008 by Hillary’s pals on Wall Street than automatic weapons. Jason you couldn’t be any more correct.