Have Gun Will Travel – Packing

Have Gun Will Travel - Packing
Have Gun Will Travel - Packing
Have Gun Will Travel - Packing
Have Gun Will Travel – Packing

I am very excited to be planning a summer trip that will involve a fair amount of shooting. Therefore, for the first time, I will have to fly, with a weapon. I will also be outside my home state (with my weapon) and handling weapons that belong to others.

I have asked some experts and have already received some advice, but I still have tons of questions left to research, so as I discover the rules and solutions, I will share with you, my process.


One thing I know for sure, is that guns are not allowed in my carry-on. So I have set aside the funds to check a bag (both ways). A few professional gun women have informed me that I need a lockable box but I’m a details girl so this advice leads me to questions…

  • Must the box be metal or can it be plastic?Tsa approved gun case
    My airline’s documentation states that the case must be locked, hard-sided and specifically designed for gun storage. Since the gun case that my gun came in is kind of flimsy I will invest in a steel “TSA” approved box. it just seems like the smartest way to go.
  • What else can go in the box with the weapon?
    Scopes, suppressors, tools and maybe a few other related items, but everything must be in one gun-case (or they will charge me more)
  • What else can’t go in my carry on? (ie. holsters & speed-loaders, magazines & parts, tools etc.)
    The airline’s site repeatedly states that gun-related items “will be accepted as checked luggage.” So just to be on the safe side, my carry-on will only contain flight essentials.
  • Should the weapon be disassembled?
    not necessary

Next up: Flying

Then: Carrying, Driving, Staying while away from home.

Image by dan taylor