Illinois Concealed Carry Bill Approved by Senate

Illinois Concealed Carry Bill Approved by Senate
Illinois Concealed Carry Bill Approved by Senate
Illinois Concealed Carry Bill Approved by Senate
Illinois Concealed Carry Bill Approved by Senate

The Illinois House and Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill on May 31, 2013 that will allow the state to issue concealed carry permits. After a federal appeals court ruled that an outright ban on concealed carry was unconstitutional in December, the state legislature was given a deadline of June 9 to come up with a law allowing it. The resulting Firearm Concealed Carry Act passed with veto-proof majorities in both the House and Senate. The bill now awaits Governor Quinn’s signature. He has previously stated his opposition to the bill due to public safety concerns. The Attorney General has requested more time for Quinn to consider the bill before signing.

Firearm Concealed Carry ActThe new law allowing for concealed carry in Illinois was an unrelated attachment to House Bill 183, which dealt with amending the Electronic Fund Transfer Act. Senator Gary Forby, D-Benton, added Senate Amendment 5, the Firearm Concealed Carry Act, to the bill. The amendment had bipartisan supporters and detractors, with many saying the bill was either too restrictive or too weak. Despite the controversy and heated debate, the legislators knew a compromise was necessary to pass a bill before June 9, and worked out a law that was agreeable, if not particularly liked, by everyone.

Some consider the new law in Illinois to be the most restrictive carry law in the country. One of the eligibility requirements is 16 hours of accredited training and education in classrooms and on a range, dealing with safety, marksmanship and knowledge of the laws. Illinois residents must pay a $150 application fee, while non-residents pay $300. A license will be valid for 5 years and will be tied to an individuals Firearms Owners Identification Card and drivers license. The application process should take no more than 90 days and includes extensive criminal and mental health background checks and fingerprinting. An application can be denied if any law enforcement agency or health official deems an applicant to be a “clear and present danger” to “himself, herself, or others, or a threat to public safety”. There are several sections that deal with mental health, calling for school officials and doctor, physicians and psychologists to report on anyone they suspect of having mental health issues. Anyone adjudicated or deemed as mentally disabled or deficient will be ineligible. Denials of applications can be appealed to a 7-member review board composed of judges, attorneys, law enforcement officials, and a physician.

Despite the allowance of concealed carry, there are still many places that will be off-limits. Schools and public universities will remain “gun free zones”, as will all government and public buildings and parks, buses and trains, casinos, bars, large outdoor events and athletic stadiums. The law also allows private universities and colleges, as well as private businesses, to determine for themselves if they shall remain gun free zones, so long as they post a sign declaring as much.

Section 13.1 of the Firearms Concealed Carry Act deals with preemption. The law explicitly states that it trumps the “home-rule” of all municipalities within the state. Any type of ban, restriction or regulation of handguns or ammunition in excess of the rules and regulations set forth in the law, are invalid. Assault weapons bans, like the one in Chicago, will remain valid. This effectively allows licensed residents to carry handguns in any municipality throughout the state, so long as they are in compliance with the state law.

The new concealed carry law in Illinois can be viewed as a win for 2nd Amendment supporters. Although it does not go as far as other states in promoting and protecting gun rights, at least Illinois has finally joined the other 49 states in recognizing those rights and allowing law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and others by concealed carry.

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Luke McCoy is the founder of USA Carry. In 2007, he launched USA Carry to provide concealed carry information and a community for those with concealed carry permits and firearm enthusiasts.
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Brad Myers

Why does my post keep disappearing? I signed up and the post is about the article, I’m not sure what is going on.


The resulting Firearm Concealed Carry Act passed with veto-proof majorities in both the House and Senate.
jdsonice • 14 hours ago
The reason MADigan wanted an extra 30 days was so that various communities can ram through their own restrictive bills.
Seems legit!


No, the delay was to give more communities the ability to pass ‘assault weapon ban ‘ laws.

Douglas Maurer

What a joke this bill is! As far as I’m concerned, the constitution of the United States is my permit to carry. $150 for a permit! Does this go to the governor’s retirement fund? After all this IS Illinois, land of the “almost free” and home of the corrupt.


The $150 fee is for 5 years or $30 a year! So calm down!


a $150.00 fee PLUS the 100 bucks per day MINIMUM for training x 2 eight hour days. so more like $350+


OK $70 a year for 1st 5 years. then $30.


WI is 50 for five years and they are considering lowering it. Then the renewal is 25 for another 5 years. Still to high 😉

Douglas Maurer

I have paid for my last permit. As far as I’m concerned the 2nd amendment is my permit to carry.


Here in the great commonwealth of Kentucky the fee is $ 60 for five years. I lived in Illinois for forty years and couldn’t wait to get out.


I’m sorry to say, with or without this bill – still no reason to travel to this state.


I live in Illinois and unfortunately I agree with you.

Brian Preston

…..that make 2 of us.

Amber Collier

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Freedom Fighter

Your welcome to come to Texas, it’s a whole different country compared to that corrupt state!

Your a whole lot safer here!

Darlene S. Esser

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Well, pretty restrictive and fundamentally contrary to our Constitution but it’s better than the out right total ban they previously had to endure. It’s a start. Clearly, there will be zero reciprocity with any of the other states either. My advice to those residing in Chicago or New York City? Get out! It’s safer in downtown Kabul, Afghanistan than in these third world cesspool combat zone cities here in America.


I just want to know will they reciprocity with Missouri?


I believe there is no reciprocity. Non-residents have to get an Illinois carry permit.

Douglas Maurer

Unless you can do a VERY good job of concealing your firearm. Then it’s free.


There is no reciprocity. If you want to carry in Illinois you must have an Illinois permit. Out of stater permits are $300 for 5 years. Moneys to go to the governor’s legal defense and appeal fund so that they can get out of jail earlier.

“Illinois – Where our governors make our license plates.”


I have to travel into and work in Illinois 3 days each week.

I guess I’ll be looking at an expensive get out of jail card.

dubya h lindsay

god thank you fro letting me be a texan and have a texas state ccw and thank you for never giving me any freakin reason whatsoever to go to ILLinois all the states I go to share reciprocity with texas.

Joe Sobotka

Having lived in the Republic of Illinois,, I just knew it was going to be VERY restrictive. $150 fee?? Honestly not surprised. No reciprocity… The day I moved out of IL was the best thing I ever did.


Yep. Been there, moved away.

On the bright side, what little there is, it is a “shall issue” with an appeals process for rejections.

What will probably happen is that Chicago will automatically reject all or a majority of applications, setting up a court challenge. Another few years and the law will get a bit better.

The same will be true for the fee and for the training. I suspect the total cost will be high enough to trigger a suit based on discrimination against low income residents.


What I don’t get is what authority does the State or Fed have to deny any civil right? I am not a lawyer but I know that the Bill of Rights was written as non-political.


I lived in the Dictatorship of Illinois as well and am now in the Freest State in the Country…Kentucky! Mom’s FOID card expired, she asked “do I need one, or get it renewed?” I said you sho nuff do. They are three weapons not fired in probably sixty plus years, but are in a gun safe. Ill is so stupid, you can have all the guns you want, just can’t use em for anything.


C’mon Jim, what are you thinking? You wouldn’t want people taking them out and practicing with them! Then folks would be proficient enough to fight when the gov’t gets past the registration phase (FOID) and progresses to the confiscation phase! (Sarcasm deliberately included)


The reason MADigan wanted an extra 30 days was so that various communities can ram through their own restrictive bills. Once Quinn signs the bill they cannot do it. The bill is only a VERY BAD start. Too restrictive. Hopefully when we kick MADigan and Quinn out next time around we will get a decent bill. These two are out to screw IL.

Douglas Maurer

No Ed it’s NOT $30/year… it’s $150! No matter how you look at it it’s $150 to get a permit. It’s bills**t. Plain and simple.


The $150 fee covers 5 years or $30 a year! So calm down!


Illinois law:

Concealed carry licenses issued here, if over 80 years of age, and accompanied by grandparents.


Note that you will have to apply to the IL State Police to get a NON-resident CCW.
At present NO reciprocity with other states.


Any word on reciprocity with other states CCW holders??


Scratch that question……I found the answer.


Shall. Not. Be. Infringed.
Why is this so hard?


Oh, you read that document too? I thought I must have had the only copy!

Steve Horn

I bet even with this small victory, the crime rate drops.


Recently visited the Peoples Republic of Illinois. Speaking with some folks I was visiting our predictions were in fact that it would indeed be expensive (eliminating many folks from the get), and consist of a laundry list of fiery hoops to jump through. Where in the constitution is there a run down of how many hours one needs to “learn” before keeping and BEARING those arms….nowhere, that’s where. This is NOT a victory, it’s another loss because the politicians are simply not obeying the law (again/still), period.


At least the citizens of Chicago, Murder Inc., might have a fighting chance

Freedom Fighter

I don’t know how these sheep can live in such a crappy liberal corrupt state of Illinois!

I’m never moving from Texas 😉


Just get it passed. Then fix it. We had to do the same thing here in Ohio.


The AG needs to be charged with contempt and thrown in prison. This is a sorry state when it tries to dismantle the BILL OF RIGHTS. The whole gripe is because thugs and thieves will have to get honest work or be shot down in the streets like the rabid dogs they are. Loading the bill up with restrictions and special notes like the Assault Weapons Crappola is just another way the hoods in Ill. thumb their noses at a federal judge. Toss all of the rats in prison with their ole buddy the ex governor…


I Love me Some Texas


Dose this mean sence I live in Iowa that I can fine’ly take my gun into Illinois or is it still off limits.

Lynn B Tussey

Hey, Its a start….Wonder how long it will take before they start recognizing other states CCW licensing


I left the state because of their problems. After many trips to Springfield to try to get it passed. All I ever heard from them there was…”There will be shoot-outs in the Streets!” Of course my answer was always! You have them every night now…but only the bad guys can have guns! Not anyone else to defend them selves. Of course unless your a friend of the Mayor of Chicago. He’ll get you one back then.
So I retired and moved to Arizona. I have some rights here….I didn’t put in 28+ years in the Army to give up any of my rights! I have earned them all!