The Zombies Have Arrived

The Zombies Have Arrived
The Zombies Have Arrived
The Zombies Have Arrived
The Zombies Have Arrived

It’s a good thing ammunition companies started making Zombie ammo with green tips, a few months ago… And it’s a good thing there’s the Zombie Apocalypse store in Las Vegas… because they’ve finally arrived.

By now, you’ve probably heard how a fellow named Larry Vega was going for a relaxing bike ride in Miami when he came upon a man literally gnawing on the face of a homeless person. According to Vega, “It was one of the most gruesome things I’ve ever seen in my life in person.”

Luckily, Vega was smart enough to call the police and he didn’t get too close to the zombie-man. When an officer arrived, he reportedly ordered zombie-man to back off the victim, but all the “creature” did was raise it’s head and growl. Finally, the officer shot zombie-man to prevent him from continuing to eat the victim’s face.

So what can we learn from this freakish story?

Well, first off, the next time you think you’re having a bad day, at least a zombie isn’t gnawing off your face. Secondly, if you needed any evidence that the world is becoming a stranger and more bizarre place, you now have it.

Just imagine what would have happened if zombie-man had gotten up and rushed the man on the bike? Would he have been able to ride off in time, or would he have ended up on the ground with zombie-man’s teeth sunk deep into him?

The fact is, many of us think we’re going to have to use our guns when somebody is trying to kick down our front door at 3am… Or that we’re going to be walking to our car from an ATM machine… Or that we’re going to be sitting at a stoplight when some criminal approaches our car and tries to take it…

But you and I have no idea what our threat is going to look like or whom it is going to be.

This is why it’s so important to have good situational awareness and to have a firearm on you when you legally can. I realize the chances of having a “zombie man” attack you are 1 in a gazillion, but it happened to the homeless person and could have happened to the guy on the bike. So if it’s happened once it can happen again.

Let’s just hope that my hollow-point rounds work on these zombies and that I shouldn’t have been cheap about not wanting to pay the high price of Hornady’s “Zombie Max” ammo.

Then again, after just watching the zombie video on Hornady’s site, I might be stocking up on this ammo after all. Either way, just remember to keep your eyes open and stay alert because we have no idea what the threat’s going to look like.

Image by: Eric Ingrum

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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Ummmm . . . well . . . ok.

Matt Schlueter

You know I could almost dismiss this zombie notion except years ago I grew up watching Captain Kerk flip open his communicator and say beam me up Scotty, and stunning evil aliens with is phaser. Now Scotty may not be beaming us up and we may not have weapons that shoot beams of light to stun our attackers. How ever with flip cell phones and Tazer’s being used today. Even I realize Science Fiction has the posibility of becoming reality.

So I say remember rule #2 Double Tap if in doubt Double tap again.

Good article!!!!!!!


Matt I love the last part . . . Double tap for sure!

Steve Pimm

I carry regardless, whether its legal or not… some pencil neck sitting behind a desk has his armed security so hes hardly worried about the safety of others (because bad guys going to shoot up schools don’t obey laws… kind of like zombies).. when called for jury duty we should make it a point of refusing to convict the law abiding for the mere possession of a firearm, regardless what the law says.


I’m a retired law enforcement officer and I agree with you 100%! I vowed a long time ago to always give the lawful gun owner the benefit of the doubt not only in mere possession of a firearm but even when it became necessary for that individual to discharge a firearm. So long as they appeared honest and credible they got the benefit of the doubt from me no matter who they were!

I too hope others on juries will do the same thing. It’s time to take back our communities and support those who attempt to protect those communities. Law enforcement appreciates that help because we can’t possibly be there when you need us. If we are, you got lucky! Many officers on the force feel the same way but they can’t say so for obvious political reasons. I’m retired and I CAN say it!


Remember avatar ‘Bill’ on ‘Left For Dead’? apparently this Zombied out guy, went further than romantically ‘Sucking Face’. Well armed ‘Bill’ understood the legally gridlocked society that set up ‘the future’. The ‘News’ reported this Zombie man as “Really a nice guy”. “His friends all said so”. They said “he only did joints…mostly”. “He had a ‘record’ but doesn’t everybody”? The problem is this nation….. with 70% of the entire world’s Lawyers.

By ‘Law’ most in public defense/prosecution, being funded by the taxPayers to keep these Zombies in circulation (with taxPayer funded perpetual ‘councilors’) among Law Abiding Citizens, These chemically derailed Zombies (not all, necessarily are ‘face eaters’) are now numbering up into the countless.

99% of the crimes across the ‘Kinder Gentler’ Newly ‘Progressive’ USA are obviously now committed by 1% of the Career Repeat Offenders. Has anyone wondered about the inordinate numbers of Hollywood releases being Devastation, depicting unearthly Destruction? They are all setting box office records.

I wonder how many impressionable (with ‘chemically kinked’ brain neurons) viewers take those images away from the theater or video ‘game’, freshly programed into their psyche? Reasoning to be armed, is not always the random attack escalating. These ‘headliners’ that reek of ‘weirdness’ seem to be increasing. Or is it just me, seeing something I have never before noticed?


is the story true? a man was knawing on anothers face??? If so, God help us. Hell in a hand basket, people, hell in a hand basket.


Yes, the story is true. The guy was wacked out on one of the latest mind melting drugs. Bath Salts. Another is this K2 fake weed.

Marc Albertario

I read that the officer had to shoot the zombie 4 times. I assume He like most leo’s carried .40. Certain folks bray that 9mm is no good for self defense, but I will continue to use it, as the glock I like has a 17 round mag with a another as back up. We should be good for 7 zombies (allocating 5 per) and 1 for me if there are more, or if 5 isn’t enough.


17 + 17 + 1 in the chamber = 35, so you are short the one for yourself


No, I’ll save the “last dance” for me.

Robert Dalton

Recently there have been multiple stories in the News. A student in MD ate his roommates heart and part of his brain. A Woman in TX killed and ate her baby. In NJ some guy disemboweled him self and threw flesh and part of his intestines at police.
One would think “Are they making this Sh*t up” but sad to say it’s happening in Real Life.

Charlene Sphon

1. zombie max has come down in price… it’s the same as other hornady personal defense rounds. I know… I’ve been carrying it for ages, just cause I wanted the box… LOL
2. Bizarre is right. I think we need priests to start doing exorcisms again. 😛
3. The book “Thank God I had a gun” has stories in it (both 1 and 2)… one in particular comes to mind where the guy was shot in the chest, and kept on coming, for a full min. he was so full of drugs. :/


A hit with a .32 beats a miss with a .45……..


Zombie Max may have a cool name and a cool-looking box, but you’ll never find me carrying it or anything like it. Here’s the reason – a retired police officer told me that if I do ever have to use my gun and wind up in court over it, the attorneys are going to be hammering on what kind of ammo I used and why I chose it. Zombie Max could very easily present a negative, Dirty Harry-type image to a jury and that’s the last thing I would want. He suggested Winchester PDX-1, which was selected by the FBI after they tested many types of ammo. This gives me a bit more of a legal leg to stand on, should I ever end up in court: “I researched ammunition types and found that this ammunition was tested and selected by the FBI and if it’s good enough for the FBI, then I feel it’s a reasonable round for me to carry for self-protection.” You can also check with your local police departments and find out what they carry and you probably won’t go wrong in emulating them. But Zombie Max and other types whose names convey the image of anything but a solid, law-abiding citizen…not me!