Never Forget These 10 Habits Of A Concealed Carrier

Never Forget These 10 Habits Of A Concealed Carrier

Never Forget These 10 Habits Of A Concealed Carrier

As with every activity, there’s a tendency to develop habits — good and bad. Complacency, comfort, and a false sense of security can lull a concealed carrier into dangerous habits. In this article, though, we’re going to cover ten habits that are good to maintain.

HABIT 10: Scan and assess

Concealed carriers don’t bury their faces in their phones constantly. They maintain situational awareness — which includes actively and passively scanning an area. This is a habit that’s ingrained into a concealed carrier as he always wants to know if a threat has presented itself before being plunged into that mess.

HABIT 9: Checking entrances and exits

A great habit for concealed carriers to maintain is being aware how to get into and out of a room. Enclosed spaces are extremely limiting in a firefight, so a concealed carrier serious about not becoming a victim should maintain an awareness of how to quickly exit a tight spot.

HABIT 8: Sitting with your back towards a wall

It’s a simple thing but a good habit to get into as a concealed carrier is sitting, where possible, with your back up against a wall. This frees up your field of view to incorporate as much of your surroundings as possible.

HABIT 7: Carrying a gun everyday

When you get up, you already naturally brush your teeth, put on clothes, and get ready for your day. A habit every concealed carrier maintains is carrying his or her gun every day. It’s part of his morning routine. Because it’s part of his morning routine, he never has to wonder whether or not he should bring his gun with him or worry because he left it at home. It’s on him. Every day.

HABIT 6: Meticulousness about gun safety

Gun safety is a habit that has to be continually reinforced. There is nothing more important than being absolutely sure your firearm is secure and completely under your control. A gun is just a tool but placed into the proper hands, it can be a great instrument of destruction. A concealed carrier never has to wonder if there is a round in the chamber or not — he knows because he has safely checked by inspecting his pistol. He also never has to wonder whether his pistol is secure because he places it in a holster that keeps proper retention on the weapon. A habit every concealed carrier should have in the forefront of their minds, continually, is firearm safety.

HABIT 5: Always packing an extra magazine

Especially for those who love their single stack pistols, packing an extra magazine is ALWAYS a great habit to keep up with. With sometimes only six or eight rounds available, you want to know that if you need to use your pistol, you’re ready and able to action it and ensure you can stay in the fight until you’re either able to escape or the threat is neutralized.

HABIT 4: Making time for physical fitness

Working out at least three to four times a week for, ideally, 45 minutes to an hour isn’t just a good idea for your health — it will help you when you need it the most. High stress situations jump your heart rate up through the roof. Being able to handle that jolt and continue to operate with a steady hand in a fast-paced, uncertain environment will certainly give you an advantage.

HABIT 3: Ritual monthly maintenance

Every month the guns come out and get their monthly cleaning. Some of them have probably sat in the safe for months and others have seen near daily use — it doesn’t matter to a concealed carrier. We want to know that when we need a gun to work, it’s ready to work at top performance levels. That’s why we spend the time to learn about our firearms and clean them ritualistically every month.

HABIT 2: Regular visits to the gun range

A habit nearly every good concealed carrier maintains is time at the range. Spending time just practicing basic marksmanship, focusing on shot groupings, trigger control, breathing — these are all hallmarks of a concealed carrier who’s serious about self defense.

HABIT 1: Staying current with gun knowledge

The world is changing at a fast pace. New guns, techniques, and knowledge is being presented on a daily basis. Not all of it is necessarily useful or helpful, but concealed carriers tend to stay on top of what’s new in the world of guns. We like to see how things are shaping up — sometimes reinforcing old principles and sometimes making way to develop new skills.