A “Survival Item” to Store with Your Gun

Gunsmithing the AR-15 by Patrick Sweeney
Gunsmithing the AR-15 by Patrick Sweeney
Gunsmithing the AR-15 by Patrick Sweeney
Gunsmithing the AR-15 by Patrick Sweeney

If the “stuff” ever truly hits the fan there’s more that you will need than just food, water, guns, and ammo. It’s the reason I write this letter to you each week and it’s probably the most important thing you need of all – I’m talking about knowledge. Yes, I know that’s a cliché, but don’t worry, I’m not going to start getting all philosophical on you.

Instead, I’m going to tell you about a book you should consider buying. If the power grid goes down and riots break out in the streets your knowledge and this simple book sitting on your shelf may make a huge difference in your survival. And notice I said “sitting on the shelf.” You want a physical copy of this book (and all survival books). You don’t want a copy sitting on some device that could run out of battery and will likely have no service when everything goes down.

The book I’m referring to is Gunsmithing the AR-15 by Patrick Sweeney. In my opinion, the AR-15 is the best overall “survival gun”, and if you don’t already own one, I wouldn’t wait too much longer. Even though none of the gun laws have passed, it’s still dangerous to wait, because you don’t want to be one of the millions of Americans who realizes they need one when it’s too late.

The reason I recommend getting the Gunsmithing the AR-15 book is because it’s a good reference guide to keep on hand. I’m certainly no gunsmith and I don’t know every little nuance about the AR. However, this book covers almost every maintenance and repair topic you’ll likely ever need to know.

At times, the book can be dry…

But I promise you, if your rifle breaks and you need some Gas Rings for it, that section of the book will likely turn into the most exciting reading of your life.

But don’t get just the AR-15 book. You should have reference guides for every gun you own. I realize right now many people get online and simply search for help when they need to disassemble a gun or when they need to do some minor repairs.

However, you should prepare right now, just in case you don’t have the Internet or your smart phone when you need it. Simply get online today, and print off the directions or repair information you need for your guns or buy the various books.

Then put these directions or books in a waterproof Ziploc bag and store them in your gun case. You may never need them but at least they’re close by. Plus, if something happens to your gun while at the range, you can look in your gun case and start troubleshooting right there.