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Concealed Carry Digest: You Asked - We Answer

Concealed Carry Q&A Digest: You Asked – We Answer

We get asked a lot of questions, and it's only fair that we attempt to answer them. Questions with longer answers often become articles and sometimes we even get some USA Carry Readers to submit their answers. This article is for all the questions that didn't need their own article. Click here to view all…

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10 Things That Don't Mix With Concealed Carry

10 Things That Don’t Mix With Concealed Carry

The act of carrying a concealed pistol necessitates that the person takes on specific responsibilities he may otherwise not. One of those responsibilities is conduct. Our daily concealed carry practice demands good conduct. In order to maintain good conduct, I made a little list of 10 things that can adversely affect it. You may not…

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Surviving New Years While Carrying Concealed

Surviving New Years While Carrying Concealed

Coming December 31st: The Purge IV - New Year's Eve If you've ever tuned in to see any of the Purge movies playing on TV, you're going to get a big hoot as a gun owner. The big premise is that whenever large groups of people are given free license to act however they choose,…

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Don't Take Your Guns to Town, Bill

Don’t Take Your Guns to Town, Bill

I was just reading the USA Carry article titled Will I know the Time? discussing dementia and gun ownership. As I read the article three thoughts slammed together in my head. The first was the old 1958 Johnny Cash song Don't Take Your Guns to Town where a mother pleads with her cowboy son to…

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Update on Pro-Gun Legislation in the Buckeye State!

Today, February 15, the House State Government and Elections Committee will be taking proponent testimony for House Bill 45 at 1:30 pm in room 116 at the state capitol.  Introduced by state Representatives Danny Bubp (R-88) and Terry Johnson (R-89), HB 45 would eliminate the current confusing standards of carrying a firearm in a motor vehicle.  In addition,…

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