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Makeshift Holster

Options For A “No Budget” Holster

It's possible – there's a conceivable chance that for whatever reason, you don't have a holster handy and you need to carry. A lot of this can be eliminated by planning ahead but being adaptable is a good trait as far as concealed carry goes. In this article, we'll discuss some improvised options and the…

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DIY Target Stand for Shooting

DIY Portable Target Stand for Shooting

Everyone needs a target stand for practicing and improving their handgun skills. I am not sure if you have priced a basic target stand lately, but you can pay anywhere from $50. and up for a very simple stand. When you add in the high cost of shipping or delivery, you can have a lot…

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Training at Home: DIY Gear to Give You the Edge

Training at Home: DIY Gear to Give You the Edge

Let’s get this out of the way: few if any of us train as much as we should. I know I don’t—while I frequently hit the range for some casual shooting I’m not running handgun drills, practicing tactical movement, or drilling transitions between weapons or from to hand to hand as much as I should.…

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