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process of gun safety

Gun Safety Is A Process, Not A State

Gun safety is not confined to a single thing a person does when it comes to carrying, storing or using firearms. It's a holistic process and a philosophy of owning and carrying firearms. Gun safety isn't a state of existence; it's something a person has to practice all the time. Safe Gun Storage Shooting safety…

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Gun Belt Myths -- What You Need And What You Don't

Gun Belt Myths — What You Need And What You Don’t

Every gun needs a holster -- truth. Does every holster need a belt? If you grew up on cowboy movies, chances are grand you saw a cowboy with a gun belt. It's the quintessential accessory that's survived even unto the 21st century. Thick, skinny, reinforced, two-layer... There's a number of styles that get tossed around.…

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USA Carry Gun Belt Review

USA Carry Gun Belt Review

When it comes to carrying a handgun, without a doubt a strong, high quality belt makes a major difference. Some even suggest that it is even more important than the holster. I believe that both are certainly important for effectively and safely carrying a handgun, especially concealed. So my goal is to use a high-quality…

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Amerihide Gun Belt Review

Amerihide Gun Belt Review

One of the most important pieces of concealed carry gear is a proper gun belt. The gun belt also happens to be the most overlooked piece of gear because it’s not as fun as buying ammo, a holster, or the gun itself. The thing is, if you don’t have a good gun belt, none of…

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