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How to Break In a New Holster

How to Break In a New Holster

I’m always in search of the “perfect” holster, which means I’ve literally accumulated an entire box of holsters (that’s overflowing) in my closet. The other day, I decided that the numerous 1911 holsters in the box wouldn’t work for me and I purchased an outside the waistband “belt slide” holster made of leather. When I…

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High Capacity Magazine Ban

NYPD After Your Legal “High Cap” Magazines

NYPD's License Division is sending letters to handgun permit renewal applicants suggesting their pre-ban standard capacity magazines may be in violation of the law. The letter uses the date 11/1/2000 as being the date of New York's assault weapons ban and magazine limits.  However, any capacity magazine possessed prior to 9/13/1994 is legal.  The letter…

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Self Defense Shooting in New Mexico

Shortly before 10:30pm Tuesday (02/22/11) 43 year old Wallace Roberson was pronounced dead. He had allegedly attempted to break into the home of 70 year old Hobbs Resident Watson Green. Green fired one shot through the front door, fatally wounding Roberson. The DA is reviewing the case and exact details are not yet known.

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Open Carry

Open Carrier Arrested After Scuffle

Sunday afternoon John Garcia and his family were having lunch at Garcia's Restaurant. Mr. Garcia was open carrying a handgun inside the restaurant. A man now known to be Mr. Christopher Torres, who has an alleged history of "mental issues" walked in to the store. Mr. Torres observed the firearm on Mr. Garcia's hip, then…

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