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Top 7 Rules of Pocket Carry

Top 7 Rules of Pocket Carry

Over the past decade, the popularity of “pocket guns” has exploded and it’s safe to say that more people are carrying guns in their pocket (instead of on their hip) than ever before. I count myself among this group of people, as you’ll frequently find me with a Ruger LCP in my front, right pocket.…

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Concealed Carry Gun Rules Ease in Ohio

Concealed Carry Gun Rules Ease in Ohio

In the eight years since Ohio passed a concealed weapons law, county sheriffs have issued 296,588 permits to carry firearms in purses, holsters and vehicles, with more than half of those coming since President Barack Obama was elected. Gun laws are in a spotlight throughout the country as Florida’s Trayvon Martin case and the presidential…

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NRA's Three Safety Rules

NRA’s Three Safety Rules

New to firearms or want a quick refresher on general firearm safety? Brief discussion regarding NRA's Three Gun Safety Rules: Gun Safety Rule #1: ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. Your gun should only be pointed in a direction that, if it were to be fired, the bullet would not impact anything you would…

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