Concealed Carry Gun Rules Ease in Ohio

Concealed Carry Gun Rules Ease in Ohio
Concealed Carry Gun Rules Ease in Ohio
Concealed Carry Gun Rules Ease in Ohio
Concealed Carry Gun Rules Ease in Ohio

In the eight years since Ohio passed a concealed weapons law, county sheriffs have issued 296,588 permits to carry firearms in purses, holsters and vehicles, with more than half of those coming since President Barack Obama was elected.

Gun laws are in a spotlight throughout the country as Florida’s Trayvon Martin case and the presidential election heighten debate over who can carry concealed weapons, where they can carry them, and when they can use them for deadly force.

In Ohio, where the legislature in recent years has eased restrictions on concealed carry, even over the objections of some law enforcement groups, a battle is being waged over just where to draw the line.

Five bills currently pending in the Ohio General Assembly would allow permit holders to carry their weapons in state-owned parking garages — such as below the Ohio Statehouse — loosen permit renewal requirements, eliminate required gun safety training and background checks, and automatically expand the system for recognizing CCW permits issued by other states.

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Darryl Hadfield

As an OH CCW holder, I have only one serious issue with the pending law changes…

We need BETTER training.. not less of already questionable training.


Ohio really does need to revise their reciprocity policy.  I live in Iowa and travel frequently through Ohio.  Iowa recognizes all states CCW, we have statutory recognition, so we do not do agreements with other states, this creates the problem and puts us at a handicap for reciprocity.  This cannot be changed soon enough.

Kahr Carry

Wow!  What a well written article.  Too bad the big media refuses to present balanced coverage like this.

Restrictions on where we can carry are a breach of our 2nd amendment rights.  However, I think training and background checks are a good thing, and should definitely not be done away with.

The requirement to declare your weapon to LEOs is an infringement on our 2nd, 4th and 5th amendment rights.


I am also an Ohio ccw permit holder and agree to many of the new upcoming changes except I too agree, there are far to many permit holders with sub-par understandings of the laws and their firearms. A lessening of safety training and background checks could be detrimental to us informed, safe firearms users and could enable something like what is happening in Florida to happen here. We don’t need to have untrained people out there to give the antigun lobbiests any reasons to remove our rights all together.