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Shot Show 2017: ShotLock Solo-Vault Line

We ran across SHOTLOCK at the Shot Show. They are manufacturing some great home gun storage products. All of their products use a combination with a key to override the lock if the combination is forgotten. The mechanical locks are set up to contain a four digit code. The electronic version allows the user to…

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How to Store Guns and Cash

How to Store Guns and Cash

A reader mentioned to me how he’s having his first child soon (congrats) and wants to not only keep his guns away from his child, but also have a safe that protects other documents. First, it should hopefully go without saying that if there are children in the house all of the guns should be…

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Keep It Secret. Keep It Safe.

Keep It Secret. Keep It Safe.

There is much to be learned by Gandalf the Grey when it comes to being the responsible possessor and carrier of a source of extraordinary power. What typically makes a great lie believable is when there is a little truth mixed in, and what generally makes for a great fiction novel is when the reader…

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Secure - It® Handgun Storage Safe

The Handgun “Secure It” Security Box

The American Association of Certified Firearms Instructors (AACFI) of Minneapolis, MN has produced a Handgun Security Box for use in your home, office, or in your automobile to provide you a safe and secure temporary handgun security box. Those of us that practice the carrying of concealed firearms have encountered situations where the carrying of…

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