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10 Things That Don't Mix With Concealed Carry

10 Things That Don’t Mix With Concealed Carry

The act of carrying a concealed pistol necessitates that the person takes on specific responsibilities he may otherwise not. One of those responsibilities is conduct. Our daily concealed carry practice demands good conduct. In order to maintain good conduct, I made a little list of 10 things that can adversely affect it. You may not…

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Guns in Schools: What are the Laws?

Guns in Schools: What are the Laws?

Despite the right to keep and bear arms as specified in our Constitution the armed citizen still faces many jurisdictions and locations where this right is denied. Schools are a particular point of concern for armed citizens since many of us have children and need to spend varying degrees of time on school property. So…

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What Sign Would You Rather See At Your Kid's School?

What Sign Would You Rather See At Your Kid’s School?

I'm pretty sure which sign our readers would rather see at their kids's schools. The sign on the left is what Okay Public Schools erected recently to announce their "Armed School Employees" policy which was passed back in August 2015 as a result of the Okay Police Department being disbanded in December 2014. “The signs…

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