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Racking a Pistol Slide Devices to Supplement Your Technique

Racking a Pistol Slide: Devices to Supplement Your Technique

I have noticed and received comments from those who have difficulties racking a pistol slide. They desperately want some help, device, or tips for racking their semi-automatic pistol slide and operating their gun more easily and safely. Many are women and some are men with less upper body, arm, finger, and hand strength. Some are…

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Racking the Pistol Slide: Technique Not Strength

Racking the Pistol Slide: Technique Not Strength

Several females and some males have complained over the years to me in my firearms classes that they cannot "rack the slide" on pistols, due to their weak hand strength and grip. Older males and females over the age of 60 have said they cannot use a pistol because of their age and related medical…

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Slamming the Slide

Slamming the Slide

On a semi-automatic pistol, is it all right to allow the slide to slam into battery without a round chambered? Whether or not I am familiar with a semi- automatic pistol, I will hold the slide while releasing it and then hold it to let it slide slowly forward. Some guns are susceptible to breaking…

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