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Sig Sauer P938 Compact 9mm [FIREARM REVIEW]

Sig Sauer P938 Subcompact 9mm [FIREARM REVIEW]

Would you consider for your concealed carry a very well-built 9mm gun, that weighs one pound, is about an inch wide, has fiber optic and tritium night sights, has a comfortable grip in a subcompact design, is single-action only, and is reliable and accurate? Although it has been around for a few years, some overlook…

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Top Concealed Carry 9mms: Subcompacts & Compacts

Top Concealed Carry 9mms: Subcompacts & Compacts

Every year there are new, improved, and often better models of handguns vying for your dollars. The competition is stiff, mechanical, technical, and efficiency progress steadily improve, and your job of selecting the best gun for yourself is very involved and time consuming. To save you some time, money, and effort, I want to give…

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Honor Defense's Honor Guard 9mm Review

Honor Defense’s Honor Guard 9mm Review

Yes, there are plenty of single-stack, striker-fired subcompact carry guns on the market now. I have reviewed several of them in the last few months; some on this website. But, what if you could start a company and build one combining similar features from some of the top 9mm carry guns out there. Well, that…

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Comparison of 14 Top Subcompact 9mm Carry Pistols

Comparison of 14 Top Subcompact 9mm Carry Pistols

Which of the current top 100 concealed carry (CC) subcompact 9mm guns available in the market now are you going to consider? Yes, there are many out there. What is the latest and greatest gun vying for your attention and bucks? Can you narrow the options down to 3 or 4 to chose from? Will…

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