Hands-On with the New Mossberg MC1sc [Shot Show 2019]


One of the most talked about new pistols at this year’s Shot Show was the Mossberg MC1sc which we covered when it was first announced. Unfortunately, we were unable to get a chance to shoot it, but we did get our hands on it. Peter Boruchowski also gave us a rundown of the features, the takedown process and showed us all five models including the special Centennial Edition.

I have to say that I am pretty excited to get my hands on one of these to review. My review pistol will be shipping out next week. Handling it felt really nice. The grips were very comfortable, and the texture didn’t seem too aggressive compared to some other pistols I handled while I was there. The real test will be when shooting it though. I talked with someone that was able to shoot it during the Industry Day at the Range, and they mentioned how the magazine release button texture seemed a bit too much. But from what I can tell, if you are holding the pistol correctly, you shouldn’t be touching the magazine release at all while you are shooting it, so I didn’t really follow what he was saying about that.

I was curious about the takedown process, and the first person that showed me how to do it at the booth seemed to have a little trouble with it, but I think it may have just been his nerves. You can see how easy it is to takedown and put back together in the video above. I tried it myself after watching that and had no problems at all.

Mossberg MC1sc Centennial Edition
Mossberg MC1sc Centennial Edition

One surprise was their fifth model which they are calling the Centennial Edition. They are only making 1,000 of them. The one they had on display at Shot Show 2019 was 1 of 1,000. This features the Centennial Edition written down the slide as well as some 24k on the barrel, slide lock, and magazine release. I’m not a big fan of gold, but it is nicely done if you want to pick one up as a collector’s piece.

The Mossberg MC1sc are already available to purchase so talk to your local dealer if you are interested in one. Keep an eye out for our full review soon.

So what are your thoughts on the new Mossberg MC1sc? Sound off in the comments below.

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