Top 5 “Best Bang For The Buck” Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permit

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Top 5 "Best Bang For The Buck" Non-Resident Concealed Carry PermitThere’s a lot of states that enjoy great concealed carry reciprocity across the nation and then there are states that just can’t seem to catch a break. If you’re a resident of a state that doesn’t enjoy such a great selection of travel destinations, you can always pursue a non-resident permit from a state that does.

This process usually entails completing that state’s non-resident permit requirements which usually include:

  • Proof of completion of a state-recognized concealed carry pistol course
  • Background paperwork
  • Sometimes fingerprints
  • Fees and assessments for the investigation and permitting

Wait times can vary dramatically and don’t expect to get an immediate response back within 7-10 business days. Don’t assume the course you may have took for your resident concealed carry permit will be acknowledged as suitable for a non-resident permit. Go to their issuing authority’s website and find out specifically what paperwork they need from you prior to signing up for any courses.

In this article, we wanted to give a shout out to five states in particular that seem to have very popular non-resident concealed carry permits.

Arizona — Arizona is widely considered to be a constitutional carry state. It still offers a fantastic non-resident concealed carry permit that is reciprocated in 30 states. This is a great non-resident permit to have if you enjoy traveling throughout the Southwestern states.

Idaho — Even though Idaho is now considered a constitutional carry state for residents, it still enjoys a fantastic amount of reciprocity with other states through its Enhanced Non-Resident License. At present 32 states acknowledge that permit as valid and it spans states touching both coastlines and throughout the Mid-West.

North Dakota — It’s a popular travel destination during the summer months and who would guess that North Dakota has one of the widest degrees of reciprocity for their non-resident concealed carry permits? At present, 34 states acknowledge North Dakota’s non-resident permit including states like Pennsylvania and Delaware that can be especially finicky about who they let carry from out-of-state.

Tennessee — Tennessee offers a FANTASTIC non-resident concealed carry permit that enjoys a very wide reciprocity with other states. At present, 34 states acknowledge Tennessee’s process for determining who should carry a concealed firearm. With a Tennessee non-resident concealed carry permit, you can travel from the coast of North Carolina all the way to Seattle and only need to possibly disarm if you’re passing through Illinois, Colorado, and Oregon. This is a really great “frequent cross-country road trip” style of non-resident permit.

Utah — A lot of firearms instructors offer courses marketed towards Utah’s non-resident concealed carry permit. It’s honored in 30 states but it requires a decent bit of training and background stuff. Still, because it’s offered so frequently, it’s a great deal for those interested in getting around the continental United States.

Honorable Mention: Virginia

Virginia — A Virginia non-resident concealed carry permit is probably one of the most easiest to obtain and has reciprocity with about 29 other states. Despite the debacle earlier in the year with the Virginia Attorney General threatening to shred its reciprocity agreements with other states, they have managed to stay true to offering a very competitive non-resident permit at a price point and commitment level many people find enjoyable.