Top 5 Firearms For Home Defense

Top 5 Firearms For Home Defense

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Top 5 Firearms For Home Defense

With self defense a perennial topic of conversation in the 2nd Amendment community, it’s time once again to talk about the top five firearms for home defense, as presented in a neat slide show. We recognize, of course, that any top-five/ten/twenty list of firearms is the result of a great deal of subjective, personal opinion. We welcome all comments and all suggestions, as long as they’re presented politely and in a spirit of goodwill.

And now, the list, in no particular order.

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First up, the Glock 22.


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Glock 22

Glock 22 Home Defense

Right now, some of you are nodding your approval, others of you are making derisive comments about Austrian Combat Tupperware, and some of you are complaining that I didn’t choose another model of Glock. Regardless, the Glock 22 remains an impressive choice for a home defense arsenal: reliable, accurate at home defense distances by any standard, and delivering a fair amount of stopping power. An ideal choice for someone who needs a tool of personal protection. The newer Gen4 versions also include an accessory rail to attach a laser, light or laser/light combo.

Next up, the FNX Tactical.



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FNX Tactical

FNX Tactical Home Defense

Probably the most high-tech choice on the list, and an example of what the future of handguns might look like. Regarded by many professionals as perhaps the finest tactical handgun ever built, the FNX Tactical offers a flexible choice for the experienced shooter. With accessories rails and and a threaded barrel as standard features, the FNX is open to a wide variety of after-market accessories. And with unparalleled accuracy and minimal recoil, you’ll get the most out of every round you put downrange.

And those rounds are the much-loved .45 ACP, which still hits like cannonball. Speaking of which…

Next up, the 1911.


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1911 Home Defense

What was that? Sorry—it’s a touch difficult hearing you over the sound of all of this America. The iconic .45, the M1911 continues to serve our Armed Forces over a century after it was adopted—and for good reason. A rugged, accurate design made for the serious pistolero, it set the standard for handguns for decades after it appeared. Available in a wide variety of makes/models/configurations—and with an equally varied number of accessories—this classic remains an excellent choice for a home defense weapon. All hail the king!

Next up, the Smith & Wesson Model 686.


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Smith & Wesson Model 686

S&W Model 686 Home Defense

Just admit it: you thought we were going to get through this list without a revolver, didn’t you? Well, surprise, because wheel guns have been and remain solid choices for a home defense handgun. And the S&W Model 686 is something to consider. Widely available and fairly affordable, it’s a quality revolver that is relatively easy to shoot. And, backed with the might of .357, it gives you the power you need to deal with the situation at hand. With a reasonable overall length, it’s not a bad daily carry choice for those who prefer revolvers.

Next up, Beretta M9/92FS.


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Beretta M9/92FS

Beretta M9 - 92fs Home Defense

This will probably be the most contentious entry on this list; please, hear me out. The M9 is the current general issue handgun of the United States military, replacing the M1911 in the mid ’80s. Many vets have recently had bad experiences with them; this is chiefly due to poor maintenance practices rather than a flaw in the design. The M9/92FS has a solid record with both civilian and LEO shooters across the country, and is a strong contender for a home defense weapon. Reliable, ergonomic, and chambered for the popular 9mm cartridge, an M9 can help keep you and your home safe.