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Top 7 Reasons Why You Need An AR Pistol

Top 7 Reasons Why You Need An AR Pistol

AR pistols aren't just a passing fad. With the ability to chamber a multitude of different calibers, AR pistols are portable, lightweight, and versatile in all the ways a gun owner needs in a life-or-death emergency. In this article, we'll discuss ten ways an AR pistol is an essential piece in any gun owner's defensive tool…

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North Hollywood Shootout

Tactical Breakdown: The North Hollywood Bank Robbery

Here at USA Carry, we’ve talked a lot about training. We’ve broken down various approaches to CCW, EDC, and other self-defense issues. We’ve offered examples of good gun handling and tactics from movies and television. In this article we’re going to take a different track and look at one of the better documented shootouts of…

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Lasers on Concealed Carry Weapons - Do You Need Them?

Lasers on Concealed Carry Weapons – Do You Need Them?

Laser sighting accessories are another topic upon which everyone in the Second Amendment/CCW community has an opinion. Everyone. If you don’t believe me, bring it up next time you’re at the range with your friends and watch the discussion jump the rails. So let’s cut through the conjecture and look at the facts: are lasers…

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Victory for Smith-Wesson SW22 Pistol: A Review

SW22 Victory Pistol Review

Smith-Wesson has introduced the SW22 Victory .22LR pistol in the last two months and sent me one to review and range test. I want to give you my opinions about it and help you decide if you should get one. I want to give you its specifications, special features, and my evaluation of it compared…

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How Do You Leave Firearms In The Car Responsibly?

How Do You Leave Firearms In The Car Responsibly?

If you’re a daily carrier, it’s just a matter of time before you’ll encounter a place you cannot walk inside with your pistol. For instance, a lot of employers have no problem with an employee locking up his or her firearm in the vehicle - so long as it’s not visible by any passersby. In…

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Ruger LCP

7 Cheap CCW Pistols – Deal Or Dud?

S&W M&P Shield - 9mm/.40 S&W The M&P Shield 9mm is currently under investigation pending a potential fault in their safety switch for their previous generations.  That problem has been solved with more recent models but the lingering doubt remains over whether this is truly a reliable model.  In 9mm, the Shield has a standard…

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Top 5 Firearms For Home Defense

Top 5 Firearms For Home Defense

With self defense a perennial topic of conversation in the 2nd Amendment community, it's time once again to talk about the top five firearms for home defense, as presented in a neat slide show. We recognize, of course, that any top-five/ten/twenty list of firearms is the result of a great deal of subjective, personal opinion.…

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6 Signs You're Using The Wrong CCW Handgun

6 Signs You’re Using The Wrong CCW Handgun

When I first became a concealed carrier, I did not have to do any shopping. My father gave me his .22 handgun when I finished school and moved into my own place, which needless to say, was not in the nicest neighborhood. He and I went to the shooting range every weekend so that I…

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