USA Carry Ranked NRA’s #6 Independent Recruiter in 2010

Today I received a certificate and letter in the mail from the NRA stating that USA Carry was the NRA’s Top 10 Recruiters in the Independent category and we actually came in at number 6!

I’d like to thank all of you that have supported USA Carry and the NRA at the same time by signing up for a new NRA membership or renewing your current membership through USA Carry. Last year we came in ranking #10 so let’s see where we can get for 2011! USA Carry is already at #5 for the year. See here.

Sign up for or Renew your NRA Membership through and save $10!

USA Carry Top 10 NRA Recruiter in 2010
USA Carry Ranked NRA's #6 Recruiter in the Independent category


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