Virginia Back-pedals on its Proposed Reciprocity Changes

Virginia Concealed Carry Permit

In December, we reported that the Virginia AG was going to end concealed carry reciprocity with numerous states. This caused an uproar among the concealed carry and firearm community. The NRA quickly announced they would be fighting the proposed changes as well as other pro-firearm organizations.

Well according to The Washington Post, the proposed changes will not be taking effect. In what is being called a “bipartisan deal”, they have reach a deal to keep the current reciprocity in place and in exchange, take away guns from anyone who is under a two-year protective order for domestic-violence offenses and require State Police to run background checks for private sellers on request at all gun shows.

“This is a bipartisan deal that will make Virginians safer,” McAuliffe spokesman Brian Coy said. “It also demonstrates that Democrats and Republicans can work together on key issues like keeping guns out of dangerous hands.”

While we don’t agree with holding the reciprocity agreements hostage to get agreements made, concealed carry holders should be happy that these drastic reciprocity changes will not be taking place. Many people wrote in asking why we didn’t make these changes to our concealed carry reciprocity maps yet. Being that the proposed changes wouldn’t take effect until February 1st, we didn’t actually update the maps. So with this news, there still won’t be anything to update.

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  • James Andrews

    You should update other maps though. For instance; Maine now supposedly has reciprocity with New Hampshire and Florida. The maps should show such an update.


      Maine is on our Florida list (shows as of Oct. 2015).

      • James Andrews

        Good to hear… about on the Maine list?

      • Oingo Boingo

        Is that good for ALL Florida permit holders, or just for Florida RESIDENT permit holders ?

  • Joseph Waters

    Well that is good news… What would be better news is that a Federal Law which will allow anyone that has a gun permit would be able to carry in ANY State…

    • David

      I agree, my drivers license is good in all 50 States, and driving a vehicle is a privilege. Carry a firearm for protection is a right, as a citizen of the United States.

    • Steven

      That is a step in the right direction. Better yet would be a USSC ruling acknowledging that requiring a gun permit is a direct violation of the 2nd amendment.

    • BushMaster63

      You mean them actually honoring their oaths to protect and uphold the Constitution and recognize “Shall NOT Be Infringed”?

  • smalltowndude

    I agree that the approach sucked, but I have no problem with the “concessions” that were agreed on. Making it unlawful for a domestic abuser to have a firearm makes sense – even if it’s unenforceable, and I have no problem with universal background checks. In fact, if I were selling a gun to someone, I would WANT to know that the purchaser was qualified to have it. And it makes sense that if I get my CCL revoked in my home state, Virginia shouldn’t be obligated to grant me one. These are real “common-sense” gun restrictions, and fellow NRA members like me should accept them.

    • StoutCortez

      The new law does not require “universal background checks.” It requires that state police run a background check if asked to do so by a private seller.

      • Steven

        That is something I actually support for the reason smallowndude gave. I don’t support REQUIRING me to run a background check before selling to someone I know, but I support having the option when I don’t know the buyer.

  • fossie1

    Is this gonna be the new way the bigoted liberal gun grabbers force new gun laws on us?

  • Mikial

    I can’t help but suspect that the background checks and other deals McAullif made were the entire goal in the first place, and there was never any intention of changing the reciprocity.

  • Freedom

    They already run background checks at gun shows. Well how long will it be before they come up with another brainstorm. In the end it is only law abiding gun owners and carriers that will pay for their gun grab laws. They first need to clean up all the rubbish like gangs, and thieves. Do you really think the bad guys are going to buy a gun at a show?

    • StoutCortez

      The new law will “require State Police to run background checks for private sellers on request at all gun shows.” Note “private sellers” and “on request.”

      • Steven

        Just to clarify, this means individuals who are NOT dealers would have a means of confirming the person they sell to is doesn’t have a felony record. I actually believe people selling a gun to a stranger would welcome the option.

  • CommonSenseMan

    As a valid VA resident Concealed Handgun Permit holder for
    nearly 10 years and a staunch Pro-2nd Amendment Voter (that’s the
    key; you would be surprised how many pro-gun guys/gals that aren’t even
    registered to vote), there may be more to this than meets the eye. As soon as Mark Herring (D) Atty. General announced
    this decision, there was an uproar from across the state (and from others
    across the country in the affected states).
    From what I understand, many VA State Senate Dem’s got an earful from
    their constituents. I know someone who
    regularly communicates directly to a few pro-2nd Amendment VA State
    House members and they suggested that Mark Herring (D) acted alone on this
    decision and didn’t even speak to Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) about his plan to
    end the reciprocity agreements with many states. Apparently, Gov. McAuliffe (D) was not
    pleased about this, because it could rally the pro-gun voting bloc (in this
    state and others) for the upcoming 2016 election. Therefore, both McAuliffe and Herring
    folded/blinked with nearly nothing to gain with this so-called “agreement/bipartisan
    approach” to end this standoff about reciprocity agreements. Notice the VA state Police only being
    available as an “option” at gun shows for PP sales. Herring’s “go at it alone strategy” fit the
    pattern of when McAuliffe (D) tried to turn the VA State Senate to a (D)
    majority in our recent statewide elections this past Nov. for the entire VA
    State House and Senate (McAuliffe got the financial backing from Bloomberg to
    donate to several VA State Senate Democrat candidates in order to try to get
    some gun-control legislation passed, if they were successful on election day). Needless to say, it failed horribly for
    them! I personally worked/volunteered
    the phone banks for a pro-gun VA State Senate Candidate (R) in the Richmond, VA
    area (I called nearly 600 folks in 3 days and the entire volunteer staff called
    nearly 20,000 people in three days up to the election to rally the troops for
    our cause). There is nothing more
    rewarding when your candidate wins, especially when you devote your personal
    time and energy for something you believe in.
    That is the key folks, something that you believe in. I personally carry around Voter Registration
    forms, so when I meet a pro-gun person that isn’t registered to vote, they fill
    it out and I even pay the stamp to mail it in.
    We all need to get more involved.
    You would be surprised to find out how many people that are pro-gun or
    have a valid CC permit that are lazy and don’t show up on election day. Elections have consequences. Case in point, Atty. General Mark Herring (D)
    only won his election with around 150 votes.

  • Oingo Boingo

    “…background checks on private sellers on request at all guns shows…”
    What does the above bureaucratic monkey mind/brain impaired MSM Nooz jibber jabber mean when transliterated into plain spoken New World English ?

    • Steven

      It means IF a private seller WANTS to run a background check, the police have to cooperate. If I were selling to someone I didn’t know, I would probably actually request the check. That way I know I am not selling to a criminal. Assuming the language is accurate, it DOES NOT means background checks would be required in cases where they were not already required.

  • Anthony

    seems to me that this was simply a fake compromise. People of Virginia just got played. Obama got his way.

  • John P

    I do not believe in compromises which is what this agreement is, I am a life member of NRA, this should be strictly Second Amendment Terry McAuliffe and his AG should be run out of Virginia. Although McAuliffe is governor he is still a New Yorker following Bloomberg’s anti-gun agenda.

  • Whew! I guess I can make camping reservations in Virginia after all!

  • Pat McCallion

    I thought that since all states must now honor “gay marriage licensees from other states” under equal protection under the law ,reciprocity from one state must be observed by all. What am I missing?

  • BushMaster63

    Typical Gov’t manipulation of the public…if it were a common sense law it wouldn’t have had to have been presented via ultimatum.

  • BushMaster63

    The biggest thing overlooked here is that this Constitutionally illegal law/statute empowers the state to “disarm” and actually “confiscate” all firearms of anyone accused in Constitutionally illegal “Family Courts” that operate under “Admiralty law” (the law of the high seas) where the defendant is considered guilty until proven innocent…I found out the hard way in TN when I broke off a relationship with a very unstable and vindictive female…the first thing she did was run to the family court and file malicious “online staking charges” against me…with no actual proof of any sort to support her allegations…although both state and federal Constitutions prohibited the state from infringing upon my right to bear arms the first thing that happened was that my CCP was suspended and my right to legally purchase firearms was immediately taken away despite the very stringent clause that no such actions can be taken before an ruling on the case. Just to let you know how it all worked out I had to get a very well connected attorney at the tune of about $10,000.00 just to prove I was innocent…actually proved that it was her stalking me, and even going so far as to implicate friends as well as myself and destroying my reputation to anyone who would listen…she refused to cooperate with the court and could provide no evidence whatsoever to substantiate her allegations…The court awarded me some $7,000.00 in reparations that to this day (3 years later) is unsatisfied because she fled the state and could not be served. After losing the case she didn’t stop there and tried to have me assaulted and also tried to place a contract on me…I had first person witness to support both allegations yet the state refused to prefer charges against her…come to find out she was a federal mole who was tasked with setting up legal, law abiding citizens and get their rights to bear arms revoked. Score a major win for the gun control folks on this one…everyone is just one simple false accusation away from losing everything…