Walmart Employee Shoots, Kills Attacker

Walmart Employee Shoots, Kills Attacker

Walmart Employee Shoots, Kills AttackerWhat’s the deal with Walmart parking lots and criminals? First a Kansas woman was assaulted by two thugs, and more recently a Florida Walmart employee shot and killed an armed robber.

This incident, which occurred early last Wednesday, is believed to be a cut and dry case of self-defense.

“Investigators believe this was an attempted robbery and the employee fired in self-defense,” said Sunrise Police Officer Chris Piper.

According to police, the Walmart employee went out to his car on his break and was approached by an armed man.

“He points the weapon at the employee, and there is an exchange of words,” Piper said. “The Walmart employee, who has a permit, pulls out a weapon and fires multiple rounds.”

While no official names have been released, a woman at the scene named Nastashia Jones claimed to be the employee’s sister. She identified her brother as Ervin Jones.

“We got a text this morning letting us know what was going on,” Jones said. “I thought my brother was dead, but they said it was the other person.”

Ervin Jones has a 2-year-old son, Jones explained.

“I’m sorry to hear what happened to the victim, but my brother works hard…to take care of him and his child,” she said.

The investigation into the shooting is continuing, police said

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I wonder if Walmart fired the employee. You never know in today’s world. Most corps seem to be anti-gun.


It’s easier to get a new job than it is to get out of the cemetery.


Agreed, but it’s a valid question. Just wondering what their policies are.

Alex Meek

Unfortunately probably but maybe not as a Wal-Mart employee we can’t carry while on the clock but can leave a weapon in our cars in the parking lot. With the rise in Wal-Mart employees and customers being targets in violent attacks they could possibly lift that policy to make it safer for all employees and customers. Personally I think everyone should be given the choice to carry on the job


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Mike D.

I tried finding their employee policies on their website, if it’s there I didn’t see it. Their customer policy is clear: they follow state law. So in one way they are gun friendly, but I seriously doubt they allow employees to carry.

Alex Meek

I work for Wal-Mart they do not allow use to carry while on the clock but it was in his car while he was on the clock he went to his car on break and got into a situation where he had to defend himself with his weapon.


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