Why Both Spouses Should be Armed

Why Both Spouses Should be Armed
Why Both Spouses Should be Armed
Why Both Spouses Should be Armed

With all of the holiday shopping going on over the next month, you ought to consider getting your spouse a gun. Or, if you want to be selfless like me, you can give your spouse your current gun so you can get a new one. (Yes, my wife’s a lucky lady.)

So why do you need to get your spouse a gun? Well, because of this interesting story out of Oakdale, California…

Recently, a couple and their son were awoken by loud sounds in their home. Both the husband and wife have guns and immediately armed themselves. The husband finds an intruder in the living room and doesn’t shoot, but gives verbal commands for the intruder to leave the house, which the intruder does.

However, minutes later the homeowners hear the sound of glass breaking at the backdoor. It’s the same intruder and the wife fires two shots as the intruder tries to enter the house. Once the shots are fired, the intruder flees.

But it’s not over yet…

The same intruder went to a bedroom window of the home, broke the glass and entered the home. This time the husband shot the intruder and kept his gun pointed at the intruder until the police arrived. Not surprisingly, the intruder was out on probation for drug related offenses and was probably under the influence at the time of the home invasion.

Obviously, I wasn’t in this couple’s home so I don’t know where the husband was when the wife had to shoot the intruder coming in the back door or where the wife was when the husband had to shoot the intruder in the bedroom. Maybe the other spouse was upstairs or checking out another area of the house and was far away.

My point is, (if you can convince them) it’s a good idea to have your spouse armed and trained because that’s more people to protect your home in the event of an invasion. For example, I have my gun on my side of the bed and my wife has her gun (a Glock 19) on her side of the bed, and both are in rapid access safes.

If something ever happened to me, I’m glad to know that my wife is another line of defense in not only protecting herself, but also protecting our daughter. Of course, since I travel a good amount this means she can also take care of herself when I’m away.

So don’t pass up this opportunity to give thanks to your spouse for all that they do for you by giving them your gun and getting yourself a new one.

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